Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 28, 2017

26. World Cruise–Colombo, Ski Lanka–Mar. 15, 2017

I’m posting several in the same day, so start with Singapore 2 – 2nd Day below.

Hi All, (Written Mar. 17, 2017)

Ski Lanka is a large island (about 42,000 sq. miles) located at the southern tip of India.  It’s history starts with the island being inhabited by people called Sinhalese in about the 6th century B.C.. It flourished as various empires until 1505 when the Portuguese, then the Dutch, controlled the island for about 150 years, each.  Finally the British took control in 1815.  They too ruled for about 150 years, until the country established its independence in 1948.  The island has a diverse culture due to it’s history, with the majority of the people being Sinhalese (74.5%) who are Buddhists, with Tamils (16.5%), who are Hindus, Moors (0.3%), who are Islam, Burghers (0.2%), who are descendants of the Portuguese and Dutch, and are Christians, and Christians among the Sinhalese and Tamils, being the minorities.  The population is nearly 24 million (a 2011 figure) and growing.   Colombo was the main port and capital of Ski Lanka, with little or nothing to see outside the city except a huge reserve with wild elephants.

Now Susy and I decided to go down to the pier and visit the Information Office to plan our day.  We found out that the only way to get around was by Taxi.  They were not only regular taxi’s but they were tour guides.  You could pay them for so many hours and they would be yours to tour for that time.  There were no buses for hop-on, hop-off or tours.  The Taxi  (which the Information Office employees could arrange for you) situation, we quickly found out from some returning cruisers, was a Mafia of dishonest transporters, quoting you one price and then finding all different ways of getting more money.  With this information and the fact that we knew from our talks with previous visitors that Colombo and Ski Lanka for that matter were really an extension of India it take much more for us to make a decision.  We didn’t want to spend the day bargaining with some Taxi driver, so we decided to just visit the market stalls on the pier and call it a day.

Here’s a look at Colombo from the ship and pier:


Above the terminal area, below a close up of the terminal:


Sweeping view around the ship:



Some close up views:


Ever seen a building(s) like that?  A temple:


Trying to be like every other big city, a needle being built:


Our trip down to the pier:




That’s it from Ski Lanka.  Next port is Mumbai (Bombay), India, Saturday and Sunday, Mar. 18th and 19th, 2017.  Until then:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Ships Port Sign:



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