Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 28, 2017

25. World Cruise–Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia–Mar. 11, 2017


I’m posting several in the same day, so start with Singapore 2 – 2nd Day below.

Hi All, (Written Mar.13, 2017)

Kuala Lumpur (known as KL), is one of Asia’s fastest growing cities.  Since KL is a 30 to 60 minute ride (depending on traffic) from Port Klang where our ship was docked, Susy and I decided to take a ship tour of the city.  The tour included 2 photo stops and 1 long one at the KL Tower to see the city from one of its highest point. KL has a little over 1 million residents, but as I said is very fast growing.

As you can see from this look at the Port Klang terminal, the ship is docked miles from the city:


As we drove into KL here’s a look at the economic housing:



As we entered the city our first stop was the twin towers, which today are the tallest in the world.  Our guide, however pointed out that Dubai has under construction a much taller twin towers, having already the tallest building in the world.


At the base of the towers your two travelers:



Gigi, we didn’t know you had interests in Malaysia:


Second stop was the KL Tower, again one of the tallest buildings in KL, made up of a observation floor at the top, and like the Seattle Needle, a rotating restaurant/bar at the very top. Bad photo,but that’s it through the trees:


Here’s a few of the views from up above:



and the view with the twin towers left of center:



How about Susy and I above the tower:



Finally, just a few buildings at street level:



Our last stop was at what is called Independence plaza, which is where a large number of Malaysians celebrated their independence from England.  The grounds of the plaza is now an English Cricket Club looking like a typical cricket field, but the building along the side is impressive:


Now its three sea days to are next port, Colombo, Ski Lanka, Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2017. Until then:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Ships Port Sign:



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