Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 28, 2017

24–2 World Cruise–Singapore, Singapore–Day 2–Mar. 10, 2017y


Hi All, (Written Mar. 12, 2017)

Day 2 will include only 2 stops, but what a day.  After a a short taxi ride, we arrived at the "Gardens by the Bay".  The Gardens consist of 250 acres of plants and gardens created since we visited in 2008 by refilling the Bay.  Singapore has filled in huge amounts of land fill around its original island, including not only the gardens we will be visiting today, but the beautiful hotel "Marina Bay Sands Hotel" (which we will visit after the Gardens) and many new skyscrapers that are located behind the gardens.  Our ship is docked at a new terminal/port extending in front of the gardens, all on land refill. Because of the Bay Gardens and another large Botanic Gardens we went by yesterday on our Hop-on/Hop Off tour Singapore is now known as the "Garden City".

OK, I should explain that our visit to the Gardens will be in three parts.  First, we got on a trolley which took us on a guided tour of the outdoor portion.  When we finished that we visited the two giant enclosures, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.  Let’s get started at the Visitors Center with Susy welcoming us and looking at a plan of the entire site:



We hopped on the trolley and here is a look at one of the many gardens we passed:


There was every kind of palm tree you can imagine, from tall ones to silver ones, etc. etc.:



There were statues of animals everywhere and even a baby:


Here’s a view of the outside towers, which they say at night are lighted up to form a beautiful spectacular.  Also notice the sky walk among those towers.  Behind is a view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which we will visit later:


Needless to say, I have almost 200 photos of this tour and the 2 domes.  Any time you visit us I’ll be happy to bore you to death with the other 180 I haven’t shown here.  Let’s go next to the first and largest dome, the Flower Dome:


Susy invites you to the South American area:


There were a lot of trees:


You can’t believe the beautiful views from up above and in the gardens:



As we walked out of the Flower Dome we thought we had seen it all, but then we walked into the Cloud Forest Dome this is what hits you:


That’s right, a water falls, and notice the bride and groom on the left.  They say it brings you good luck to get a bridal couple in your picture.  This dome also had the most beautiful flower I had seen (Susy, not the flower behind her):


You can go up to the top of the water falls, but here’s a photo of the platforms up high:


and finally some of the flower up the side of the falls:


I can’t express how beautiful the gardens and domes are.  You could spend days wandering the grounds, but Susy and I only had a few hours so we headed for our last stop of the day, the Marine Bay Sands Hotel:


By the way, on the right of the hotel, the Ferris wheel (officially called an observation wheel) is the largest in the world.  That’s today, because it seems that China, and Asia in general (especially Dubai) cities, are racing to build the largest, tallest, structure in the world as a show of their strength/leadership.  We immediately went to those gardens on the roof which includes a restaurant, huge swimming pool, and of course, many observation platforms.  Here’s Susy in the restaurant as we stopped for a snack/drink:


Now a look at the city from the observation platforms:



The swimming pool is an infinity pool as you can see(scary!!):


and finally a look back at the Gardens we had visited earlier and the Bay/Port beyond:


Again, what is amazing is this hotel, and the gardens are all constructed on land refill.

That’s it for Singapore, since 2008, when we last visited our opinion of the city with this new look, is outstanding.  Next port is Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia, Saturday, Mar. 11, 2017.  Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Ships Port Sign:



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