Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 22, 2017

24-1. World Cruise–Singapore, Singapore–Day 1–Mar. 9, 2017

Hi All, (Written Mar. 11, 2017)

As you can tell from the title I’m going to have to use 2 posts to cover our visit to Singapore.  For the two of us the city has moved to the top of our favorite list. Susy has put it right up with Sidney, myself a close second.  Just so you know, I took over 400 photos in two days, so both posts will be long, so read them when you have plenty of time.

Singapore has become the crossroads of the world. It first was a part of the Malayan/Indonesia (Javanese) empire. In 1824. It was deeded to the Indian Trading Company, becoming a major Asian trading post.  In 1867 it was placed under the control of the British Crown, where it stayed until 1942 when it fell to the Japanese.  It was restored to British rule after WWII.  It begin self rule in 1959 leading to it’s current state as an independent republic on Aug. 9, 1965.

Susy did a fantastic job of programing our two day stay.  Today, the first day, we started with a 24 hour ticket on the Hop on, Hop off buses, which took us on a tour of the entire city.  When we had covered the city by bus, she had us dropped off in China Town, noted to be one of the best in the world.  So, I will attempt to show you our first day with a few photos (sorry I can’t show you more).  The port panoramic view:

DSC02513 Stitch  

Starting the tour on the Hop, on Hop off bus:


It’s a city of hotels, first an old one:


then a new one I’ll show you more of tomorrow:


Skyscrapers everywhere (mostly business and financial centers):


A few different types of buildings:



A Modern Gallery:


One of the most interesting things about Singapore is how they control traffic.  First all there is a fixed number of vehicles allowed.  They are controlled by certificates.  You have to pay $50,000 Singapore Dollars (about $30,000 US) to get a certificate (then buy the vehicle).  The number of certificates is fixed by the government, so until a vehicle is scrapped no new certificates are issued.  You might think that would lead to a lot of old vehicles, but actually most of the vehicles are new.  As if that is not enough, most major streets (called ERP routes) are toll routes , the toll depending on the time of day (so rush hours have the highest tolls).  Here’s a look at the start of one, with the current toll cost on the screen just below the ERP sign:


Street of stores:


A temple and mosque:



We Hopped off at China Town:





And finally, I want you all to sleep well tonight because as is her habit around the world and regardless of whether it is a church, temple, synagogue, or prayer house, Susy stops and says a prayer for us.  Today in China Town it was a beautiful Buddha temple: 


the other side of this temple:


When we arrived back at the ship we were exhausted but first we had to show the evening show which featured these dancers and musicians in a typical Singapore native show:


So we hit the sack early so we would be ready for Susy’s Day two in this wonderful city (by the way it’s as clean as Switzerland because it’s against the law to dirty it in any way, with huge fines and that includes spitting).

Until Day 2,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Ships port sign:



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