Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 9, 2017

23. World Cruise–Phu My (Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon), Vietnam–Mar. 7, 2017

Please read the post below, 22, if you haven’t, because I’m posting them one after the other.

Hi All, (Written Mar. 7, 2017)

This is going to be a mixed post as you will soon see.  When I went out to take my morning pier photos here’s what I encountered:



You are right if you say nothing.  It looked as if it was miles to the nearest town.  For no reason we could determine, the ship had no shuttle to the nearest town.  But the ship did have tours to Saigon and a $49.00 tour to the nearest village, all leaving early in the morning.  Strange, No?  Well, needless to say Susy and I only went down to the little street stall that you see in the picture above.  We only stayed a few minutes because the stall keepers would not negotiate and that is unacceptable to Susy.  End of story and visit to Phu My for us.

O.K., here’s some stuff that may interest you regarding this port.  From our last visit to Saigon in 2008 a few photos:



These two were taken in the Saigon Zoo and Gardens.  A look at one of the women carrying goods:


Here’s a couple of Vietnamese boats:



Our Teresa will appreciate she has a boat with her name:



Let me close with the latest drawing on our neighbors door:


Until our next port, Singapore, Mar. 9 & 10, 2017:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Ships Port Sign:



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