Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 6, 2017

21. World Cruise–Hong Kong–Mar. 2-3, 2017

Hi All, (Written Mar. 4, 2017)

Again I want to deviate from my usual post format.  I want to give you not only what we saw in the last few days, but to go back to our last visit to Hong Kong on Oct. 10-11, 2008.

We all have heard of Hong Gong, the island city of both Western and Eastern cultures, British from 1841 to July 1st, 1997 when it was returned to China.  Surprisingly, it only has 7 million residents because the skyscrapers which are jammed together, are mostly commercial.  Hong Kong is known as a world class financial, trading, and business center.  Cantonese and English are the official languages.

You will not see much change since our last visit since ever inch of the island already has a skyscraper or a temple, with very few low rise buildings.  Look at the skyline in 2008 and today:



Let’s go back to 2008 and look at some of the sites we didn’t visit this time.  First the cable cars up the mountain behind the city which shows the airport on another island:


Here’s yours truly in front of one of the largest Buda’s in Asia:


And Susy in front of one of the many temples we visited:


Now a few of the hundreds of Buda statues we must have seen:



Moving forward to our first day in port, Susy and I decided to revisit one of the famous outdoor markets of Hong Kong, Ladies Market.  First the port:


A map of the city island, port (the red line is our ships dock), and surrounding area:


This photo shows how packed together are the buildings:


We had to take the subway to the market:



From the subway we had to walk a few blocks to the market.  Here are a few of the colorful blocks we encountered:



And finally "Ladies Market" with its many blocks of hawkers stalls.  They are called that because as you walk along the workers of the stalls try to pull you in.  Once your in, if you show interest in an item or ask the price of an item, they will not stop until they sell it to you.  They will give you a high price, then keep lowering it till you buy it.  If you say no and walk away, they will ask you what you want to pay, and if you keep going they will follow you down the street, still trying to get a little better price then what you say you want to pay.  In the end they will either give way to your price or if its too low, let you go. A look at the market:






That’s it for day one.  Back at the ship I want to show you Hong Kong at night.  It’s not anywhere near as beautiful as Shanghai, just plain lights:


On Day 2, we just did internet, but Susy walked a large shopping center which was a part of the cruise terminal.  To show you how rich the stores were, she took these photos as a sample of a whole floor of top designers boutiques for children:







That’s it for Hong Kong.  Next stop is Nha Trang, Vietnam, Monday, Mar. 6, 2017.  Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Ships Port signs:




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