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16. World Cruise–Kagoshima, Japan–Feb. 15, 2017 (+Editorial)

Hi All, (Written Feb. 15, 2017)

Editorial: "Gary’s Space Has Become Boring"

It has come to my attention from my lovely daughter, that she  and several others believe my posts have become boring.  I just want to let you all know that I agree, but would like to explain why.  Susy and I had a long conversation last night regarding this subject and are completely in agreement.  First I would like to remind you that this is our 27th cruise, our first Apr. 2, 1982.  Since then we have spent 445 days at sea, visited 234 ports, 183 of those for the first time.  This cruise will add 111 days, 36 ports and only a few for the first time and none from a part of the world we haven’t visited before.  In other words, we have visited temples, castles, cathedrals, volcanoes, etc., etc.. In our younger days, we stopped at every port and took ever important tour you could take.  Obviously, my posts reflected those very active times.  Now we come to this cruise.  Susy and I have only one objective, to have sailed around the world and get a lot of rest and relaxation in the cruise atmosphere.  Unfortunately, we have been hit with bad colds and fever which is expected when you have over 2000 people bottled up on a ship for four months.  But getting back to the Posts, they will be boring because we are only going to take a few tours and in many ports will only get off to do the internet and walk around the city because as I have explained we’ve been there and done that.  For us a Buddhist Temple is a Buddhist Temple.  In one the Buda statues are gold, in another they are huge, etc.  In other words we been there and seen that, so at our age we’re just sitting back and resting around the ship, and believe me, apart from the colds, we’re enjoying ourselves but not with all the glitz, tours, etc., which lead to good posts.  I’m sorry, but I will continue to cover each port, but from the standpoint of looking at the port and commenting on how things are going for the two of us.  Boring, Yes, but that’s how it looks from your young eyes, not from ours.

Kagoshima, Japan:

Now to this beautiful Japanese port.  Kagoshima is located on the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan.  Because of its location much of Japan’s early contact with the outside world was via Kagoshima, first with China and then the Western world.  The city spreads along Kinko Bay, and as you will see boasts one of most unusual vistas in the world: Sakura-jama, an active volcano which sends up clouds of steam and has minor eruptions multiple times a day.  The volcano is 3,365 feet high and has a circumference of about 31 miles.  Because of the volcano Kagoshima is a hot-springs haven with the second-largest number of hot-springs in the country.

O.K. lets look at Kagoshima, first with this beautiful welcome park in front of the ship:



Looking out at this pier outlet we see the views from the city in front to the volcano and a Japanese garden in the rear:





Just so you know I’m still hereDSC01746

Yes, its still cold, in the high 40ths, which for this Floridian is freezing.

Susy stayed on the ship because of her cold, but I ventured out.  So our ships port sign:


Across from the ship was the port terminal:


and a close up of the signs and art work:



I’ll close this post with a panoramic view of the city:

DSC01716 Stitch 

And a close up of Sakura-jima:DSC01753

Next Port, Nagasaki, site of an atomic bomb drop, Aug. 9, 1945.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Your lovely daughter would like to clarify that she never stated that the posts were boring, simply that we are living vicariously through you, so we were wanting you both to take tours. (I can already hear Mom saying, that’s the same thing! LOL!). Now that you have level set our expectations, we will be touring Internet cafes from port to port with you, and looking forward to your port pictures. We love you! 🙂

  2. not boring. You all have seen a lot of the world from ships

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