Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 13, 2017

15. World Cruise – Osaka, Japan–Feb. 12-13, 2017

Hi All, (Written Feb. 12, 2017)

Let’s start with a surprise.  I want to show you what a small world this is:


For dinner this evening we had the pleasure of having Eric Wiltshire as our guest.  Most of you won’t know Eric, but he was born in Argentina, came to the US as a young man, and ended up as a successful business man in the Detroit area.  He is now retired at the age of 91.  What makes this a small world is that Eric had been at several parties with us in Michigan  because he is good friends with the Carioni’s.  I ran into Eric at one of our sail-away parties, we started talking,  did not recognized each other and  today he met with Susy, we put all the pieces together and  realized the connection. we had a wonderful dinner. Eric is quite a gentleman and since he was getting off the ship today, we agreed/hoped to see him again in the future.

Now, back to our cruise.  If some of you were alert, you will notice that I didn’t mention Saipan in the title.  As we arrived at Saipan last Wednesday, Feb 8th, the weather took a turn for the worse and the Captain was concerned about taking the Amsterdam (and us) through a narrow strait to get to the Saipan pier. We had to by-pass it and head straight for Osaka.  The weather has been bad since then, but our Captain has avoided the worst of it and we have arrived safely without any bumps or bruises.

Again, this will be a short post because we’ve been to this area of Japan and have seen most of the sites and on top of that, we are both fighting bad coughs and colds.  Today we just did our internet stuff and tomorrow (we don’t leave Osaka until 11:00 PM) we just intend to stay around the ship.  Oh! by the way, here’s another shocker, it’s 34 degrees out there!!! We Floridians are freezing to death.

From the ship here’s a look at Osaka.  The city is huge, almost the same size as Tokyo.  It, like most Japanese cities, is new because it was almost completely destroyed in WWII. Looking off the port (left side of the ship) we see the industrial side:




Off the starboard side of the ship its just the opposite.  This is the pier we are tied to and it is not only a ship’s pier but a gigantic shopping center, with an aquarium and a large amusement center with a giant Ferris Wheel. And does Osaka welcome you:

DSC01672 Stitch Stitch 






One of many welcome signs:


And the skyline of a part of this city:


We did go down to the terminal, so here’s the ship’s port sign:


The spots on the photo is from the cold!!!!!  Going down the gang plank, we see one of our ships photographers (we enjoy getting our photo taken, lol):


Susy on her way to the terminal:


And more port signs:



OK, that’s Osaka.  If you want to see the sites around Osaka  such as Kyoto which is a wonderful place and totally preserved because it was never a target for bombing due to its cultural value,  and have a lot of time you can scroll down below to our 15th Cruise, Pacific Rim, and the three Japanese ports, mainly Kobe.  All these sites, temples, etc. are within driving distance of each other, no matter what port your in when your south of Tokyo  Our next Japanese ports are Kagoshima, Feb. 15th, and Nagasaki, Feb. 16th.  Until then:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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