Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 11, 2017

14. World Cruise–Guam (U.S. Territory), Guam–Feb. 7, 2017

Hi All, (Written Feb. 7, 2017)

I really want to make Guam and our next port, Saipan short posts, because, as I explained, I don’t have a lot of back ground info on them.  Here’s our map of Guam:


Our morning shots showed us a first look from were the ship was docked (the red arrow in the map above):


That is a photo of resort row and here’s one, the Sheraton, up close:


Well it is as close as I could shoot (the building that looks like a pyramid).  Next, here’s looking out the entrance to the harbor where we were docked:


A close up of that point:


Another view in another direction:


From the ship it looked exactly as we suspected, a little piece of America on a tropical paradise island.  We decided, again, to take the shuttle bus into town and do our internet stuff and return to the ship (that’s from the red arrow on the map to the blue star).  First our ship’s port sign:


Following are some views of the streets and the ocean from the bus, coming and going:


Above is "War in the Pacific" sign on the beach where our soldiers and marines landed to capture the island from the Japanese.





It looks like any town in the USA, doesn’t it?  The island still has a large US Air Force base, dollars are the only currency, and as we went through the mall, all the stores were the same as any mall in the US, and the people all spoke English with a mid-west accent (that is no accent)

On the way back I will show one shot of the water (my camera can’t do justice to  the beautiful colors):


and a last port sign:


That’s it for Guam and tomorrow is Saipan, but before I close this post Susy wanted me to show you our last Gala photo with one of the couples we have befriended on the cruise:



Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S.  Happy Birthday – Feb. 10th,  Teresa Mathis

        Happy Birthday – Feb. 11th,  Ilene Israel


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