Posted by: Gary Guertin | January 7, 2017

2. World Cruise – Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Departure, Jan. 4, 2017

Hi All,

We’re sailing.  The departure went off without a hitch.  We left Toscana West with 9 large suitcases and 6 pieces of hand luggage (not bad for almost 4 months of sailing ahead)  As you can see from this first photo it took a Limousine to hold it all, but here we are arriving at Port Everglades about 3 PM:


Or room is confortable, but Susy says no photos of the room until we’re completely settled in.

So, we’ll move on to the next exciting activity, the Emergency Fire Drill.  As most of you know this is the activity Susy hates, and usually tries to hide in the cabin so she doesn’t have to put on a life saver vest and stand on deck for a half hour while everyone checks in and they explain what to do in an emergency and how to put on the vest you already have on.  Well time and technology has caught up with her.  First, we no longer have to wear our vests to the drill, but what really got her was they now take attendance by swiping you ship’s room/boarding key as you see in this first photo:


Which means they got her:


On the way back to the room I have to show you a Holland American (I believe) exclusive, the day of the week on the elevator floor to keep us awake and oriented every day:


Oh, that’s Susy enjoying the elevator rug:


She doesn’t look to bad for having surgery just 8 days ago.

The ship didn’t sail until 10:00 PM so instead of going to our regular assigned dinner table in the main dining room, we decided to celebrate (by this time we were completely unpacked) by going to our favorite private restaurant, the Pinnacle.  We were shocked and very happy to meet our wine steward from our last cruise, Oliver.  He took this photo:


We finally ended the day out on the rear outer deck of the ship, watching Ft. Lauderdale disappear in the distance, and beginning one of my (and Susy’s) greatest life experiences, sailing around the world:


That’s it for now.  Our next and first port of call is Santa Marta, Columbia, on Jan. 7th, so don’t expect another post for several days.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Aw! Will miss you guys a lot!!

  2. Me encanta este sistema, una novedad total, parece que estuviera viajando con ustedes. Este envio es desde la foto junto a la limousine hasta alejándose de Ft. Lauderdale. Este es el primer blog que mandan o hay otro nuevo y todavía no lo recibí???
    Los veo muy felices, muy contentos. Sigan disfrutando.

  3. Alucinante !!!! 4 meses ! creo que no te va a faltar que ponerte …..Tuti sos unica !llegaron en limousine !! Contame de que te operaste ? y salir en 8 dias !! mandame todos los mails ! me muero por seguir su viaje Un beso enooorme para los dos !!! Feliz Viaje !

  4. Son happy you got off alright.just so Suzy feels akLright. Love.

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