Posted by: Gary Guertin | December 6, 2016

1. World Cruise–Jan. 4 to Apr. 26, 2017

Hi All,

I’m back and with the most happiness I have ever had in starting a cruise blog.  A few weeks ago Susy broke the news that since I would be 80 years old in 2017 she had booked us on Holland American’s yearly “round the world cruise”.  This is a dream come true for me as I have been wanting to go on this cruise for years and Susy (rightly so) had said not while our grandchildren are growing up.  Well now she believes they’ve reached an age (and we have reached an age) were it’s Ok to go.  By the way, even she can’t wait to have the rest, fun, and “quietness” of a long cruise.

Let’s look at the cruise:

Map of World Cruise - 1

36 Ports, 10 overnights, here is the itinerary:

Itinerary - World Cruise -002

Itinerary - World Cruise -003

Itinerary - World Cruise -004

As you can tell from the new “Header” above, the         MS Amsterdam is our ship (the same ship used each year for the World Cruise).  We have been on the Amsterdam several times and it is a wonderful ship, just the right size (I believe around 1500 passengers).  We also been to many of the ports (this is our 27th cruise), but there are some new ports that we have wanted to see for years (i.e. Beijing and the “Great China  Wall”).

Well, that’s it for this first post.  If anyone has any suggestions or helpful comments for taking a 111 day cruise please let us know through the comment area at the bottom of this post.  Yesterday was only 30 days to sailing, so Susy and I have a lot to accomplish before leaving.

I’ll try to answer any comments and let you know just before sailing what it’s like getting ready for an almost 4 month cruise.  Until then;

I Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu & Opa)



  1. Testing leaving a comment. Happy New Year Everyone.

  2. Hi Gary.

    • Hi Ilene,
      Received your hi comment loud and clear. Hope you and Bob enjoy the Blog. Love, Gary

  3. Hope you two have a blast on your well-deserved cruise! I’m jealous but can’t wait to see the highlights and the running commentary on your adventure…
    Safe Sails,
    -Mark Bailey

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