Posted by: Gary Guertin | September 2, 2015

16. Viking Cruise – Jul. 29th – Aug. 19, 2015 – MS Prinsendam

Hi All,

It’s time to close out another cruise.  As you see above, my Blog will return to it’s “can’t wait till the next cruise” state, dreaming of calm ocean sailing.  To finish I want to highlight our ship, the MS Prinsendam:

 PRDM View 8x10 3

This ship is one of the smallest of the Holland America fleet, holding only 765 passengers and 474 crew members.  It is 673 feet long and 106 feet wide.  What is interesting is it uses 92,400 gallons of portable water per day, but has the capacity to make 145,000 gallons per day.  The other interesting fact is that it uses 16,000 of fuel per day, but has a fuel tank which holds 394,000 gallons.  The ship is 38,000 tons and has a maximum speed of 21 knots (1 knot = 1.15 miles = 1.85 kilometers).

If you remember from past cruises, every day when you enter the elevator you always know what day it is:


Out side the sport deck has the main the pool which, as you see, was not enclosed, so it didn’t get a lot of use:


And the rear deck pool which got a little more use because of the distance from the pool to hot tub to shower:


Inside their was an excellent decor from the staircases:



To the corridors:


Table decorations each night in the dining room:


Our cafeteria “the Lido”:


And lastly our favorite “private” restaurant on board the “Pinnacle”:


The Prinsendam lived up to it’s reputation as a small, friendly ship, perfect for getting in and out of the small ports, fjords, etc., that we faced on this cruise. For Susy and I it wasn’t  a cruise we would do again, but it was a great experience to view that part of our world and see how people live in the dark from Oct. thru March.  It was a good cruise, but was dampened, as most of you have heard, by Susy’s back problems and my bad cold upon our return.

It will be some time before we head out again, but as soon as the two of us are patched up and look back on these wonderful cruises, we’ll probably give in and go.  I’ll let you know, so until then;

I Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu & Opa)

P.S. Thanks again for your many comments, they make my writing of these posts worthwhile and remember if you have any suggestions for improving them (the posts) please chime in.


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