Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 27, 2015

15. Viking Cruise – Aug. 17, 2015 – Edinburgh Castle & Tattoo

Hi All,

At our last post we reached the castle gate, so let’s go in and look around this 12th century castle that sits on volcanic Castle Rock.  Here’s another welcome sign:


To get to the actual castle you must cross a huge esplanade (parade grounds) which is where the Tattoo (which I’ll cover later) will be held:


This is one of the most famous castles in the world, one that movie makers, Disney, etc. have copied as the typical “Medieval Castle of Europe”.  Look closely at the front entrance:

Tattoo 003

Notice the “Moat” (A deep water channel around the castle to prevent approach by the enemy from land) and the old ramp across the moat into the entrance which in the old times could be drawn up when the enemy approached.

Once your inside the castle you begin to climb up a winding road to all the interior buildings:


From the ramparts of this castle the views are outstanding (here’s a few):




Now let’s look outside and inside some of the buildings in the castle:





Having finished our tour of the castle, which was closed at 6:00 PM, Susy and I next prepared for the evenings activities.  Just outside the parade grounds were various Pubs/Restaurants where we would have a five coarse dinner as a part of our entrance fees to the Tattoo:


As we near the start of a great show, Susy and I wish all our new friends at the dinner the best, with the best single malt scotch whiskey I have ever tasted:



This spectacular show is just that “a show” Officially called ‘The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo”, it is self described by its promoters as a “thrilling demonstration of military musical precision and theatricality.  The Tattoo was first and always held on the Castle Esplanade in 1950.  The show is performed every year about this time and is next scheduled 5-27 Aug. 2016.  There never has been a cancelation.

Now, I can tell you having seen the show, it was spectacular, but Susy talked me into a new philosophy.  She argued that I normally spend all my time filming these shows and not enjoying them, when we can buy a professional version of the whole thing and I can spend my time enjoying it. So that’s what I did/will do.  The professional DVD will be out in October and I’m inviting you all over to watch it when I get it.  In the meantime I’ll try to give you a brief look at the evenings show.  First the night’s program:

Tattoo 002

Tattoo 001

The show was 90 minutes non-stop, so here, the head Piper is getting a shot of Scotch before he gets things going: (lol, but true):



The opening bagpipes:


Scottish Dancers:


The United States Air Force Color Guard made me proud of my service (photo from program):

Tattoo 004

China was there with many units:


and you can not believe how the castle was used for background for the acts:


That’s it for Edinburgh.  One last post left, a review of the ship and the cruise overall. 

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu & Opa)


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