Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 23, 2015

14. Viking Cruise – Aug. 17, 2015 – Edinburgh (Rosyth), Scotland

Hi All,

As you can tell from the date of this posting Susy and I are home.  I want to finish this cruise with 3 posting, one today, and in the next week or two the last ones.  Today, I will cover our last port, Edinburgh (Rosyth is its deep water port, 20 to 30 minutes by train from the center of Edinburgh). Next, because of length, I want to review Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, one of the most spectacular shows of military and civilian precision marching/dance/music in the world.  My last post, as usual, will feature the ship we sailed on, the MS Prinsendam.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and second largest city with about 600,000 inhabitants (Glasgow is the largest). It’s best known for the major hub of the 18th century intellectual movement, the Age of Enlightenment, which was orchestrated to advance knowledge and reform society.  Since Susy and I had purchased tickets to the Tattoo show in the evening (including dinner) we decided to go into the city center by train in the early afternoon and walk the “Royal Mile” up to the castle, which is located way above the city. First, as usual, we see the ship and, port signs:




We bussed to the train station and caught the first train for Waverly Train Station in the center of Edinburgh.  The train ride in was very scenic and I got this one photo of a fort on the water:


As we came out of Waverly Station we looked across the roof of the station at this beautiful city:


You immediately feel like your in a historic city like Paris, London, Madrid, and, yes, even Buenos Aires. There are bridges everywhere and we had to cross one to get to the ‘Royal Mile”:


One of the beauties of this city is that there were flowers everywhere:


The Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline:


Crossing another bridge:


An old hotel “the Scotchman”:


A typical street scene on the “Royal Mile” (Susy out ahead as usual):


I might explain that the “Royal Mile” is the main street of Edinburgh, and as its name, is about a mile long ending at the Edinburgh Castle.

As you walk along you notice that if you want a cold one you don’t have far to go.  Here’s a typical Tavern, flowers and all, which isn’t far from the next one:


One of the important buildings along the way:


As we drew near the Castle, the crowds got thicker. You felt like you were in medieval times in the streets around the main castle, when the King was having a festival.  As we walked along we started to run into street musicians, jugglers, and in this photo a group of Japanese’s marching for some cause:


Another Tavern:


One last look at one of the many side streets/sidewalks off the main street, most of which lead to courtyards or other streets:


And the courtyard behind:


The Castle in just ahead at those flags:


And finally the Castle:


That’s it for this post.  In the next post I’ll take you into the Castle, and then give you a flash of the Tattoo.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu & Opa)


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