Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 21, 2015

13. Viking Cruise – Aug. 15, 2015 – Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Hi All,

As you know Susy and I lived in Europe, but surprisingly enough we had not heard or became aware of the Faroe Islands until this trip.  On Saturday, Aug. 15th, we arrived at the capital of the Faroe Islands, and major city/port; Torshavn.  The Faroe Islands are located northwest of Scotland, half way between Iceland and Norway.  The archipelago consists of 18 islands covering an area of roughly 550 sq. miles or about 70 miles long by 47 miles wide shaped like an arrowhead.  The islands have a population of 48,308, with almost 20,000 living in the area of our port visit; Torshavn.  They are a self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark.  It has its own parliament and its own flag.  Like most of this area of the world, the Faroe Islands trace their history back to the Vikings and the city of Torshavn traces its name back to the Viking God of war – Thor.  You might be interested in the fact that the Faroe Islands have a long-standing tradition which involves hunting pilot whales as a food source.  We were warned that there could be problems because of on-line protests against cruise lines who stopped there, although we were assured that Holland American does not condone such practices.

Now let’s take a look at the port, which by the way was our first and only tender port.  Here’s a panoramic view as we pulled into the bay:

DSC00227 Stitch

Susy and I decided today to ride the tender into the port, and just walk around, as both the old and new areas of Torshavn came together at the pier where we were being dropped off.  Here’s a series of photos I took from the tender, mostly of the old city:



You notice for the first time in the photo above and below, most of the oldest buildings have grass roofs, are tarred black, and have white paned windows, a trademark of the area.



One of our tenders going out:



We finally arrived at the pier and our ship sign greeted us:


Looking around the port we see more colorful buildings:



And to show Susy was there:


We came to a small park where children were being monitored as they painted:


We next see Susy with one of the local residents relaxing next to her:


Now we entered the old town:


These stone streets/paths are said to date back to the Vikings:


White building with “Visit Faroe Islands”:


A last look at the “old town”:


Susy returning to the pier and our tender:


A last look at the boats in the harbor:


And finally, Susy and I after a long day in a lovely new port, on the way back to the ship and the comfort of our cabin:



If you noticed a difference in the size of the photos, it’s because I accidently dropped my camera of many years in the water and it went out of commission.  Fortunately we have our cell phones, tablets, and a movie camera to get us through our last port, Rosyth (Edinburgh), Scotland, so until then:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu & Opa)


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