Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 18, 2015

11. Viking Cruise – Aug. 11, 2015 – Isafordur, Iceland

Hi All,

Today, Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015 we entered our second Iceland port, Isafordur.  Like Akureyri, Isafordur depends on fishing as its major income, but it is much smaller.  Tourism, however, is becoming very important to the area, because it has some of the oldest dwellings in Iceland and because of its beautiful surroundings, which offer many sport activities and scenery.  The port itself is set in a valley between two large mountains.  Here’s two panoramic views from one side of the ship looking away from the port and the other side looking at the town/port itself:

DSC00053 Stitch

DSC00060 Stitch

That first panoramic is 5 photos combined, the second 3.  Now look at the view of the entrance to the port:


Again Susy and I decided on a walk around the town, so first the ship’s sign then the port sign:



As we walked into the town center we came upon some unique buildings, the first from 1910:


Downtown, the main square:


Susy shows us this 1924 Model T, worked into a bakery wagon”":



Another colorful building:


If you don’t like blue how about green:


A last look downtown:


One last blue building:


The town is so interesting you forget that you are in the middle of such beauty (look at the background of the photos), so let’s look up:


Back on the ship I thought I would take you along to one of our special dinners.  It’s early, 6:00 PM, as we enter the Pinnacle, our 5 star restaurant on board.  We are met by the maitre’d (our friend since Susy and I eat there many evenings) and white gloved waiters with trays of champagne (sorry Iwonka isn’t Lauren Perrier) . The menu for the evening:


If you counted it’s a 9 course meal paired with 7 wines (one Champagne) and a glass of champagne at the beginning with the first course and one with the 6th course.  This was on the table when we arrived and we thought it was table decoration:


This was the first course, “Edible Earth” and you can’t believe how good it was with the champagne.  We had dinner with two Dutch friends we met on this cruise, Hans and



This is Chef Jean who explained each course:


Finally, this is the main course, “Grilled Chicken Roulade” (if you want to know what’s in these wonderful dishes just go back to the menu):


Needless to say after 9 courses and 9 different glasses of wine we were all very happy, finishing about 9:30 PM.  Just a typical meal aboard the Ms Prinsendam. lol

Until our next and last Iceland port, Reykjavik,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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