Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 11, 2015

8. Viking Cruise – Aug. 6, 2015 – Top Of The World

Hi All,

Today, Thursday, Aug.6, 2015, we headed for the north polar ice cap, but first we have a stopover at the Magdalenafjord. I think before I show you this fjord we should talk a little bit about what is a fjord and what is their history.  Fjords are long, narrow inlets stretching deep into the mountains.  At the innermost reaches their depth often matches the height of the cliffs above, while shallower waters connect them to the sea.  They were created by a gradual process of glacier erosion during the last ice ages (around 110,000 to 13,000 BC) when enormous glaciers crept through the valleys, gouging steep-sided crevices into the landscape, often far below the surface of the sea.  When the glaciers melted sea water burst in and filled hollows left by the ice.

I have to also point out the fact that we are in the land of the midnight sun.  We went into the Arctic Circle on Aug. 3rd and since then have had daylight continually (although because of clouds and fog we haven’t seen the sun).  Can you imagine having 24 hour daylight from July thru September and then be plunged into 24 hour darkness from October 25th to March 8th.  The people we talked to who live here say it’s not bad at all because in the darkness period they have the “Northern Lights”, which are beautiful streaks of color that go through the dark sky from time to time.  Here’s Susy and I celebrating our first daylight day at 12 midnight:




You can see the daylight out the windows of the Crows Nest, our late night stop over for a nightcap before hitting the sack.  OK, it’s 9 AM in the morning and as usual I’m out at the top deck of the ship to photograph out first days event, sailing into the Magdalenafjord, a very picturesque fjord on the way to the Polar Ice Cap.  I tried a panoramic view of the rear of the fjord:

DSC09597 Stitch

Let’s get in closer to the main glacier:


and closer:


and closer:


On each side were mountains.  Look at one up close:


I was there:


Looking of to the side, we have more mountains with glaciers:


At the back of the ship, one of our Nordic passengers (I’m sure) was enjoying a swim in the pool while watching the scenery:


In case your asking about the temperature, remember it’s summer:


Now we move to about 2:30 PM as we pull up to the Polar Ice Cap:


How about a selfie close to the North Pole:


They let one of the life boats down so that photos could be taken of the ship and the Polar Ice Cap.  Here’s the boat near a small iceberg ( that boat is fairly large, holding about a hundred passengers):


Oh! you didn’t see the Polar Ice Cap?  It’s OK, either did we.  Because of the fog we had to take the Captain’s word for it, that we were very close, but he  couldn’t get closer because of the ice.  In case your concerned, don’t be.  Susy and I were certified into the Ancient Order of the Blue Nose:


Did somebody ask about Susy?  Oh, didn’t I tell you, in the cabin our television has a channel with a view from a big camera on the front of the ship and another with a view from a big camera on the back of the ship.  Again, you guessed it, she sat/laid and watched all the action, while yours truly brazened the northern cold. lol

Well that’s it for today, Thursday, Aug. 6th.  Tomorrow is our last stop up here at the Top Of The World before we head south.  So until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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