Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 4, 2015

6. Viking Cruise – Aug. 2, 2015 – Alesund, Norway

Hi All,

Today, Mon. Aug 3rd, we’re sailing on the first of two days at sea toward the next port of Longyearbyen, Norway. Yesterday we stopped at Alesund.  As you would guess, it is one of Norway’s most important fishing ports, established in the early 19th century.  It is located near “Geirangerfjord” one of Norway’s most important fjords, a UNESCO World Heritage site, awarded first place by National Geographic among the World Heritage sites.  Now don’t get excited, we didn’t go there, but once you see the shots of Alesund you’ll see the beauty of these surroundings.  Alesund is a connection of four islands, so if you see water everywhere you look it’s because we are on islands.

From the ship let’s take a look at what we saw in the morning before disembarking.  First toward the city center:


Then to the opposite back side of the ship:


Now let’s look closer at that cloud and mountain in the upper left side of the photo above:


Doesn’t that look like a volcano? I looked everywhere for a reference to one in the area and found none, so let’s pretend it is one and leave it at that. lol 

Now a look up close at the two large churches of Alesund:



It was time to disembark, so we checked out the ship’s port sign:


We checked out a Alesund street sign:


Susy and I finally decided on a hop on/hop off tour bus which would take around to the major sites in a couple hours:


I got a good seat upstairs on the bus and started shooting as we spread thru the four islands, and what’s most important, a stop at Mt. Aksia, overlooking the entire harbor.  First a downtown site:


As we climbed up the winding streets and narrow roads to the top of Mt. Aksia, you see some breath taking views:


Finally, from the lookout on Mt. Aksia:


The Prinsendam is shown docked below us:


Everyone wants to know what Susy is up to during all this touring and little shopping.  Well she currently has a love affair with her tablet.  She does her emails when in a Wi-Fi zone, then shoots photos of her own choosing, many times outdoing yours truly.


On the way back down I got a better seat in the front window of the bus’s upper deck.  Some photos of the streets as we passed through the city center:




I think the photos speak for themselves.  One last one looking back up at Mt. Aksia lookout which is that white building up on the mountain,


We climbed back on the ship, said goodbye to Alesund, and started our two days at sea till our next port.  You might think these two days are without excitement, but you would be wrong.  Look at this:

Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015 Sunrise:  4:59 AM, Sunset: 10:22 PM                                 Monday, Aug. 3, 2015 Sunrise:  4:24 AM, Sunset: 11:38 PM                                  Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015 Sunrise/Sunset: Continuous Daylight

Yes, we are passing the Arctic Circle and for the next days we have passed into the land of the Midnight Sun. More about that in future posts, but for now let’s say good bye and I’ll be back after our next port, Longyearbyen, on Wed. Aug. 5, 2015.

Until then;

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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