Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 2, 2015

5. Viking Cruise – 1 Aug. 2015 – Bergen, Norway

Hi All,

Today we will look at Bergen, a completely different port than Eidfjord, our last.  Bergen is the largest port in Norway and the second largest city, after Oslo.  Years ago it was the largest city, but when the countries’ government was moved to Oslo, it moved to number 2.  I’ve got a lot of photos (don’t worry I’ll only put up 20 of the over 100 I took) to show you today in order to give you some/any perspective of this port.  Bergen has been an important port since the 12th century when it sprouted its dried-cod trade with the north coast.

Let’s start the day with a few photos of the port from the ship:  


This is my first try at a panoramic photo this cruise, so don’t expect the best. That isn’t a twisted cruise ship, it’s two photos being merged, but the background gives you a good idea of this view of the main harbor:

DSC09198 Stitch

Didn’t get a ships port sign this time, but here’s a look at the local port terminal:


As Susy and I left the ship we first ran across a row of houses, similar to the ones that are typical of Bergen, and is sort of a “symbol” of the city:


At the center entrance to the harbor is a well restored castle, “Bergenhus Festning”.  This castle has elements more than 700 years old, including a dungeon, royal hall, and defensive tower which we see here:


From the castle we move into the main harbor area or locally known as the “tourist area”:


Next we entered an area called the “Bryggen area” which has wooden structures dating back to the early 18th century but today house many shops with living quarters on the upper floors.  This is the center of the old harbor:





Take another look at the central district:


A typical street view:


Oh! and I ran into a Viking maiden in the street:


And now a trip up to the top of a mountain, Mount Floyen, for spectacular views of the harbor, city, and country side.  Let’s get aboard the Funicular for a ride to the top:


And the views, which speak for themselves:

DSC09278 Stitch


A close up of the harbor area that we passed through:


To show Susy and I were there:



Finally as we returned to the ship, you can picture us sailing out of the harbor to our next port, Alesund, Norway:


That’s it from Bergen.  I want to take a minute to thank all of you who have left comments on my posts.  I read them all and unless you specifically ask a question I’ll just give this big “THANK YOU”.  Oh! and welcome to the new “follow me’s”.

Until Alesund,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. love the pictures. be sure to tell susy to being home the viking hat!!it will look greaat at bruzzis. love.

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