Posted by: Gary Guertin | August 1, 2015

4. Viking Cruise – July 31, 2015 – Eidfjord, Norway

Hi All,

I left you last on Tuesday, July 28th, the day before we sailed.  On Wednesday, July 29th, we settled into our cabin without incident and headed for our first port of call: Eidfjord. After a day at sea, we arrived Friday, July 31st, at one of the most beautiful little ports Susy and I have viewed. Eidfjord is a small village located between fjords and mountains.  It only has 900 regular inhabitants, but receives more than 500,000 visitors each year, because of its natural beauty.

Enough of the words, this port can only be experienced by seeing its breath taking views, and what I can’t show you; its peace and quiet.  Here’s how it looks from the ship as we dock:




Who has to go looking for a long tour when you have this beautiful scenery?  Susy and I decided we would just go ashore and enjoy the village.  Of course, first comes the port sign:


And Susy welcomes us to Eidfjord:


How does are ship look in front of one of these beautiful scenes?


As we headed into town we see a few of the villages homes on a mountain side:


We choose a lovely hotel up high, with the port below us, as our base for internet, food, and that quality I can only tell you we had; “peace and quiet”.  Here’s the hotel looking up from the port:


Here’s a look at the patio of the hotel:


And the view to the harbor:


I have to finish with Susy and I wishing you all the best from lovely Norway:



As I’m writing this at our second port of call: Bergen, I’ll try to follow tomorrow or the next with its post.

Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Absolutely lovely! Enjoy… Teresa and Tom N.

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