Posted by: Gary Guertin | July 25, 2015

2. Viking Cruise – July 22-24 – Amsterdam

Hi All,

As I write this post, we are safely tucked away in a lovely hotel in Amsterdam trying to get up enough energy to get out and see the world.

Here’s how the story goes from our departure out of Miami until today.  We started out on an Iberia flight to Madrid which left one hour late.  This would not have been a problem except we had a connecting flight one hour after we were supposed to arrive in Madrid.  There’s a long story about our arrival in Madrid which Susy will be happy to tell anyone who mentions Iberia Airways, but needless to say it wasn’t a happy experience, and after a 11 1/2 hour delay we finally got our connecting flight to Amsterdam.  We started out well (even thought we were in steerage class) as you can see:



In steerage class you don’t have a great choice of Champaign, but since it was free and wet, who could complain. 

We finally arrived late in the evening of the 23rd of July and checked into our hotel, and that’s when we received our first good news of the trip.  We were being up-graded to a mini suite with a small living room, bed alcove, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking one of Amsterdam’s many canals.  As a matter of fact, the junction of several canals.  You can imagine that Susy and I immediately headed straight for the bar to celebrate, and here’s our toast to you from the beautiful Wyndham Apollo Hotel in Amsterdam:


And now you start to get a view from our lovely hotel bar, which is right next to our room on the same level (this is that evening, I’ll show you more during the day later):



The next day, Friday, the 24th, and today, the 25th, we have just spent lounging around the hotel and getting use to the time change.  As you will see it’s hard to get up and leave such a beautiful location, and not only for it’s beauty but it’s peacefulness.  Have a look:




Our room right in front, the center one:



As is our custom when traveling Susy and I take a picture of each other every evening at dinner, just to record how the day has gone.  We won’t burden you with all those photos, only for the first and last nights of our trip.  This will give you a sense of how the trip went, as it does to us daily.  Here’s the first night:



Getting up this morning and looking at the view out our window:


We thought we would be going out for a long day of touring today, but just after I took this photo a bad rainstorm blew up and we were “forced” to stay at the hotel and have another peaceful day.  What a life!!!! 

That’s it for today, I’ll be back to you in a few days, as we see how the weather develops.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. i still say that you should write a travel book with pictures!!keep us posted. enjoy!!!!ilene and bob

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