Posted by: Gary Guertin | July 18, 2015

1. Viking Cruise – July 29, 2015 – Itinerary

Hi All,

As you can tell from the header and the title of this post, Susy and I are off again.  I have titled this cruise the Viking Cruise, because as you will see from the itinerary below we are sailing into Viking land, including Norway and Iceland.  Holland American officially calls the cruise “21-Day North Cape & Spitsbergen Explorer”, so you see why I renamed it the “Viking Cruise”.  The cruise starts July 29th, but we’re leaving next Wednesday, July 22nd (my birthday) to spend the time touring  the Amsterdam area.  Susy is very excited because Amsterdam’s museums have some of the most important art works in the world. 

OK, let’s look at the cruise which, as I said, starts July 29 aboard the MS Prinsendam.  This ship is “supposed” to be the crown jewel of the Holland American fleet and its smallest.  It only holds about 800 passengers, and past travelers have nothing but praise for the service, etc..  I’ll cover it with photos and facts at the end of the cruise.

The itinerary:

Intinerary - Viking Cruise 29 Jul - 19 Aug 2015 -001

Sorry to be so late in getting this post out, but the trip was virtually finalized last night (we had some options to extend the trip which were rejected).

My next post should come some time after the 22nd when we have had some time to look around Amsterdam.

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Until the next post:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Bon voyage! Enjoy yourselves greatly!!!! Teresa and Tom

  2. Bon Voyage! Have fun! Will be able to follow you! Love Sherry

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