Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 24, 2014

3. Nico’s Birthday Cruise –Castaway Cay –Nov. 20, 2014

Hi All,

Day 2 of the cruise found us at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.  As with Teresa, this is the island were Misu rests, while Nico and I explored the island.  Here’s Nico checking out the beaches before we left the ship:


The ship is all decked out for the holidays (huge Christmas tree in the Atrium), so when we departed the ship we found Xmas decorations on the island first thing:


Nico introduces us to Castaway Cay:



I might remind you if you want to see the pictures enlarged you just have to click on them.

Nico’s first request was to visit Pelican’s Plunge, the famous water tower on the far left beach.  The tower has been moved since Teresa was here, and now they have built a viewing platform right in front of it, so I could get some great videos and pictures of Nico.  Hold on to your hats, because Nico went down it, not once, not twice, but THREE times. Here’s some shots of his experience:


Nico in front of the tower, above, and in line at the top, below:



Out of the shut, above, and into the water (look at how happy he was), below:


We spent a lot of time at the beach, then back to the boat.  I caught Nico in front of the Disney Wonder:


We spent the rest of the day wondering around the ship.   Nico visited the Ocean Lab where he played some computer games, and then later he and Misu played Disney Trivia (you’ll here more about that when we return from the two of them).  Dinner was great because even though Nico wanted to go to a late movie, he gave up at 10 PM and asked to go to bed. What made it great was our special dinner guest:

DSC08303 (1)  Yep, Mickey Mouse and the waiters put on a special parade.  That picture was taken from our table.

We’ll finish with:

NICO’S CORNER:  “Castaway Cay was really fun.  I went on Pelicans Plunge 3 times.  I had a amazing time and I loved it.  Thank you Gagu and Misu!”

That’s it for Castaway Cay, now it’s on to our second port, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu, Papa)


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