Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 16, 2014

6. Susy’s 49 Birthday Cruise – Ft. Lauderdale, Nov. 8, 2014

Hi All,

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Let’s get started with the last post on Susy’s Birthday Cruise.  I want to cover the cruise from start to finish in order to fill in some photos and information I have missed in previous posts.

First some pictures from our departure on Nov. 1st:

723  739

Above Susy and I at the sail-away party with FT. Lauderdale in the background. Next our first nights dinner photos:



Now let’s go around the ship, the MS Westerdam, 935 ft. long by 106 ft. wide.  The Westerdam holds 2125 passengers and 805 crew, moving at a max speed of 23 knots (26.45 mph), and is a 82,000 tons ship. 

First “Susy’s Suite”:





That’s a hot tub (with shower) and separate shower on the left.

Most of the rest of the ship is like all of the other Holland American ships, a casino is a casino, a theater is a theater, and a dining room is a dining room, but here’s some of the original art that you found on the Westerdam:

DSC08176  DSC08175

and the pools (the middle one with retractable roof):

DSC08152 DSC08168 

To wrap up the cruise I want to say it was great for me too see Susy so happy.  There’s no doubt that in addition to the pleasure of cruising, meeting Julz and Will (especially Susy and Julz at the Blackjack table) made this cruise a great one.  As I finish this cruise post I want to show you our last dinner pictures again so you compare how we changed. In a short cruise like this you won’t see much, I gained 10 lbs, but you can’t tell (lol) and Susy looks as lovely and happy as when she left.



and finally as we go thru customs at the end of our 24th cruise, we can only think of the next one; Nov. 19th with Nicholas (Nico):


See you next on “Nico’s Cruise”,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu, Papa)


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