Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 5, 2014

2. Susy’s 49 Birthday Cruise – Grand Turk, Nov. 3, 2014

Hi All,

First I have to bring you up to date with our Birthday Cruises.  I told you “Nicholas’s 10th Birthday cruise, Jan. 28th thru Feb. 1st, 2015”, but it’s been moved up to Nov. 19th thru 22nd, 2014, so Susy and I will just get back from this cruise and have to be off again with Nico.  Actually we’re happier because we get to have him on a cruise earlier.

Now let’s get back to Susy’s 49th Birthday Cruise.  I have to tell you that I don’t know when I’m going to post this because this is Susy’s cruise and she says we will not buy internet time on the ship.  It means that when we get into a port, if we have time and find a Wifi hot spot, we’ll catch up with postings, email, etc..  We sailed out of Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, Nov. 1st on the Westerdam and spent all day Sunday, Nov. 2nd at sea heading for Grand Turk (the capital island), Turks & Caicos, a string of islands where, in the 18th century, many pirates stashed their booty.  It was located right along the major trade routes to Europe, and was a frequent stop for seafarers.  Recently, Grand Turk became the landing site for John Glenn’s (the first American to orbit the earth) space capsule, Friendship 7.  Glenn said, as he spotted the coral islands “it must be paradise”.  There was an American Air Force base on the islands and Glenn actually stayed there after he splashed down just off the coast.  In space history it’s known as “Splashdown at Grand Turk”.  Today the islands draw visitors from around the world to its miles of pristine white beaches and world-class snorkeling spots filled with beautiful reefs and abundant marine life. 

Finally let’s look at some photos from our stop over in Grand Turk Island:

The port from the ship:


Just a narrow island with no hills or mountains.  Next the Port Terminal from the ship:


and the boat disembark sign:


Since this is Susy’s cruise I’ll be showing a lot of her, beginning with her new hat in front of the entrance to Grand Turk Island:


A welcome sign:



As we entered the port we stepped into a 14 acre shopping plaza:


Susy likes all the shops, especially the ones with “cool fronts”:


As I said Grand Turk is where John Glenn splashed down after being the first American to orbit the earth.  On Grand Turk we found this plaza to commemorate his “Splashdown Grand Turk”:


Even I got a picture with John:


On the way back to the ship, one last good-bye from Grand Turk:


A quick look down the beautiful beaches:


Finally, Susy and I climb on-board our ship for another night of good food, wine, and with luck, a winning night at the casino:


I’m finishing this post after us stopping in our second port, San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I will try and post it at our next port, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, tomorrow.  If I do get a chance it probably will be my second and only post until we get back next weekend, Nov 8th.  Sorry I can’t keep you up-to-date, but access to the internet is tying my hands.  Susy says I should stay cool and enjoy her cruise, which I can tell you we BOTH are.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. You both look so good!!!! Enjoy your cruise and Misu: i wish you a very happy birthday… Know you look fabolous as always!!!!! And please post pictures of all the things you buy. LOL. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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