Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 12, 2013

6. Disney Bahamas Cruise – Miami & Home

Hi All,

Well, it’s over, Teresa’s first cruise. I want to finish by giving you a quick look at our ship, the Disney Wonder.

Disney Wonder

The length of the ship is 964 feet (the Eiffel Tower is 986 feet) the width is 105.8 feet.  Is cruises at a speed of 24.7 miles per hour and it’s top speed is 27.6 miles per hour.  It’s passenger capacity is 2834 with a crew of 950,  It has 875 staterooms and 509 crew cabins. It makes 500,000 gallons of fresh water from seawater every day.  Oh, in case your wondering that gold painted anchor on the front of the ship weights 34,250 lbs. (one on each side – forward).

Let’s look at a few photos around the ships upper decks:


The big screen up close with movies, etc. playing day and night:




The huge central Atrium Hall):


Next I want to correct my identification of one of the Disney Characters.  I said the photo below was with Princess Tiana, actually it was with Belle from Beauty and the Beast:


Now I would like to give you my co-writer on this cruise for her final comments:


As to Sunday evening, 5 May, my additional comments are: “After the show we went to dinner and once again saw precious. We went to karaoke and saw all the characters from Disney.”

As to the cruise overall: “All together for my first cruise I thought it was great. My favorite part was being with my grandparents. I would love to go on another cruise with them.”


Well, that’s my granddaughter, short but sweet.  She has to know that her grandparents favorite part was being with her.  Misu promised to take her on another cruise when she was twenty (ha, ha, as if she wants to go on a cruise when she’s 20 and we’re 85/78).  We told her she had to get Mom to take her next, so Mom your on!!!!.

I want to thank those of you who made comments during the cruise.  I have read them all and love to hear from you. It was a great cruise, no word from my better half on where and when the next cruise takes place, but you will know when I do.

Finally, I want to leave you with my usual closing photo, which if you go to my site (blog) you will see is my heading from now on when we are not cruising. “THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT”:


Love You All,



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