Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 7, 2013

5. Disney Bahamas Cruise – Castaway Cay

Hi All,

By now you could tell from the date and time of yesterday’s post that we are home, even though we wrote the Nassau post Sunday, 5 May, in the evening before dinner.  Our last port,  Castaway Cay, a private Disney island, we’re finishing up and posting also after getting home.  This last full day (Sunday, May 5) started out rather quiet, but turned out to be probably the best day of the cruise.   But I don’t went to get ahead of myself, let’s start with Sunday morning.  As usual during this cruise I was up, dressed, and ready to go and what did I find (Mother, this confirms she did sleep):


Misu was asleep also, so after some convincing I at least got Teresa going and the two of us (Misu sleep in) headed for land and this beautiful Caribbean island.  Here’s a look from the deck of the Wonder:


Teresa stopped at the Castaway Cay port sign:


We took a trolley bus to the beach, which was packed:


Teresa spent a little while swimming, but discovered a water slide off to the left and off she went.


You probably guessed she choose the tube, which she said was dark and fast, but a lot of fun.  When she finished with the tube, she said she wanted to go back to the ship, so I took this last photo of Teresa in front of the Disney Wonder:


Back on the ship, we joined with Misu and went upstairs to the Pool area, for lunch.  Right away we found Precious, Teresa’s friend with her mother.  Precious’s mother had said she would braid Teresa’s hair if she wanted it, so Teresa got it braided beside Mickey’s pool.


Here’s her new hairdo:


It was late afternoon by the time we finished with hairdo’s so we headed off to the Walt Disney Theater for the last stage play of our cruise; “Dreams, an Enchanted Classic”.  No photography during the performances, but before we got these:



The musical was “Disney” at it’s best.  Peter Pan, the Lion King, Cinderella, you name it and it was in this show.  After the show Teresa wrote her notes for the day.


Today in Castaway Cay we had to go off the ship without Misu because she had a terrible back pain.  Once we got to the island I went to the beach and I also went to a water slide which was very dark and fast, but fun.  After that we took a trolley back to the ship and had lunch.  We met up with Misu and my friend Precious at the pool and Precious’s mother braided my hair.  I went down to the cabin, got in my bathing suit and went back to the ships pool.  After the pool I went to the Oceaneer Lab for a little while. After we went to the Disney Dream show.  The show was very inspiring to me to believe in my dreams.


Little did she know the day was far from over.  At dinner she met her friend, Precious, and they decided (with Precious’s Mother’s OK) to stay together for the last Karaoke at 10:30 PM. The two at dinner:


And of coarse, just when you think it’s going to be a quiet last dinner, in comes a surprise guest for the children:


Yes, it was Mickey himself.  What a surprise.  Thinking that was all until Karaoke, we decided to wait in Studio Sea (where the Karaoke is held) and we no sooner walked in when all of the Disney Characters also walked in to await their next appearance out in the main Lobby Atrium.  Hold on to your hats for the next photos beginning with the “little girl” who was the star of “Dreams”:


Then the Little Girl with her co-star Peter Pan (they actually flew during the musical):


Then Princess Aurora:


Then Princess Tiana:


Then Cinderella:


Then Minnie Mouse:


And of coarse always near her, Mickey Mouse:


Then Stitch:


We got Goofy again:


Then Daisy Duck:


And Snow White:


This next photo is of the lady who was the star of the second musical; “The Golden Mickeys”.  She had her “Dream” come true when she was made the MC of the Golden Mickey award show.


Then Captain Jack Sparrow:


Then the girls posed with the star signer from the Lion King segment of “Dreams” and one of the native dancers:


And last, but not least, Donald Duck:


Kids stand in line for an hour to get a photo with just one of these characters, while our girls got almost everyone in about 15 minutes.  Well, after all that we still had Karaoke.  Both girls got to do not one, but two songs, so they had a full night. We recorded all Teresa’s songs but the files are to big to put here so I’m going to pass them on to Misu and let her make distribution to those of you who want to hear them.  Here’s Teresa during one of her songs:


What a day!!  Now you see why I said it was probably the best.  As I said we all got home the next day OK even though I had to get the girls up at 7:30 AM.  I’m going to close this cruise with a final post in the next few days.  I have to get some inputs from my co-author, but I’m getting some excuse like she has to go to school and study. So until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

Love You All,


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