Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 6, 2013

4. Disney Bahamas Cruise – Nassau, Bahamas

Hi All,

Yesterday, Saturday, 4 May 2013 we stopped in Nassau, home of Paradise Island and the famous Atlantis Hotel, Spa, and all it’s surrounding buildings and villages.  As soon as we left the ship (Teresa’s off for another day in port),


and took our photos at the port,


including one in front of Paradise Island and the Atlantis Hotel:


We had to stop in front of the tourist desk in order to find our way to the Atlantis:


We took a taxi to the Atlantis Hotel, and Teresa, like her grandmother heads straight for the Casino:


We took a couple of photos on the front porch of the complex:



and a final photo from the Marine Village beside the Hotel:


In order to get back to the ship we decided to take a water taxi, instead of the land one which Teresa said went too fast.


The show for the evening was “Toy Story, The Musical”.  Teresa said she would rather watch it in the room so Misu and Gagu went to it alone.  It turned out Teresa was right, it was for little kids and these two adults were bored stiff.  After the show we we left for dinner and Teresa again saw her new friend Precious and her sister Taylor.


It was Pirates night, and the biggest party of the cruise was thrown on the top deck, middle swimming pool.  Here’s a photo across the crowd up above the party:


The party was filled with all the Disney characters dancing and everyone had a great time.  At 10:30 PM Mickey Mouse came into the party on a cable strung from one of the tall smokestacks.  Then, and this is the only cruise line/ship in the world, a fireworks display went on for 10 or 15 minutes above the ship.  The kids went crazy.

And now for our guest writer:


On May 4th, we stopped at the wonderful Nassau, Bahamas. The first stop we made in Nassau was Atlantis. In Atlantis, we went through a casino and saw jewelry and the hotel. After the Atlantis, we took a water taxi which was very load.  During Toy Story, I missed it because I thought it would be boring. When Gagu and Misu came back we went to dinner and I met up with Precious.  After dinner we went to a pirate party with pirates.  And that was my day in Nassau.


Teresa’s Corner has a few more capital letters because it was late at night and Teresa wanted to dictate to Gagu, who did the typing.  Sorry, if it is not as good her first ones, but she had to put up with both Misu and Gagu trying to have her get it done fast.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Dear Gary, estoy siguiendo el itinerario y te agradezco, como siempre, tu esfuerzo y disposición para los que te seguimos “virtualmente”. Tus chicas están hermosas y se las ve radiantes. Teresa es preciosa y la veo altísima para su edad. Decile que la recuerdo mucho y su video cantando es precioso y me reí mucho con los bloopers.
    Besos y abrazos para los tres.

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