Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 5, 2013

3. Disney Bahamas Cruise – Key West

Hi All,

Our first port of call was Key West, Florida, USA or as many of you may not know, “The Conch Republic”.  Key West many years ago had it’s Mayor send in a letter of succession from the United States because the military were blocking the entrance to the island  to catch smugglers.  Since the government lifted the blockades after the protest they forgot about the letter.  An unanswered letter of succession (all of Texas’s letters have been replied to) becomes effective after a period of time, and Key West actually is the Conch Republic.  It has/can issue passports and is recognized by 39 countries in the world including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

So, let’s go ashore, first you need to see Teresa and yours truly in front of our ship (hat and hatless):



As we strolled along the boardwalk we came across an artist:


If you haven’t guessed the artist is a statue.  Next Teresa and Misu sat down to talk to one of the local fisherman:


After shopping for awhile Teresa and I (with Misu’s OK) decided to take a 90 minute trolley ride all around both the old and new part of the island of Key West.  Can you believe Misu went back to the ship to rest and missed this exciting tour of the city????

Our trolley operator and tour guide was Lance and he was excellent.


No tour would be complete without passing by Sloppy Joe’s Bar.  Teresa did not go inside:


Another interesting part of Key West is the southern most point of the United States:


Teresa and I returned to the ship to find Misu taking a siesta (what a surprise):


Since Misu was resting, Teresa and I headed for the swimming pool and lunch:


Next, before dinner we attended the show, “The Golden Mickeys”, a wonderful Musical:



After dinner we enjoyed another evening of Karaoke in which our favorite performer again proved to be the “best”

Now for our guest blogger:


On May 3rd, as you know we went to key west. On our first stop in key west was to a shop where I got a wonderful purple dress. After that, Gagu and I went on a trolley for 90 minutes and learned some interesting facts about the island.  We went to eat lunch at the pool deck and I try going in the pool but it was to crowded so I went out after 5 minutes. We went back to the cabin and the ship started to sail. At 6:00 we went out to the Walt Disney theater to see the golden mickeys. the show had romance, comedy and villains and I loved the show. Some of the characters that we saw were Mickey and his friends, some of the Disney princesses with there princes, and a girl who thought that she couldn’t go on the stage but she realized she could if she followed her dreams. The show was really good. When we went to dinner, I was surprised to see my friend, Precious, not there at dinner. The last thing we did was karaoke and I sang defying gravity. I thought I was pretty good. So that was my day on May 3rd.


It is on to Nassau in the Bahamas,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. My guest writer doesn’t use capital letters very often which I believe is a generation thing. da!!!!



  1. The purple dress is beautiful.
    I guess you are right about the resistance to use capital letters being a generation thing. It happens in Brazil too. Enjoy your trip!

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