Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 3, 2013

2. Disney Bahamas Cruise – Boarding

Hi All,

Yesterday we boarded the Disney Wonder and started our cruise.  We got on the ship at about 1:30 PM, but believe me when the two girls fell into bed about eleven o’clock it seemed as if we had been going for two days.  Since it’s best to tell the story of the day with photos, let’s start with my girls waiting at the cruise terminal for me to park the car:


As we were about to board the ship we took a photo of the “family”, but before I show you it, do any of you recognize the family going on their first cruise 2 Apr. 1982?

1982 Cruise (1) copy 3

Here’s the next generation boarding her first cruise 2 May 2013:


After checking in to our stateroom we immediately had to start exploring the ship.  Teresa ran into one of these funny characters that roamed the halls:


We were lucky to catch a tour of the ship and here is Teresa in front of one of the pools:


As soon as the tour was over it was time for the “Emergency Drill” that you have to go through before you sail.  Teresa found out where the life boats were located, and here she is with Misu at the lifeboat station:


As we sailed away there was a big welcoming party in the center of the ship and after that it was time for the evening show.  Scott Pepper, a Magician, kept us spell bound for one hour, including sawing a woman in half and making her disappear.  After the show it was dinner time (we’re on the 8 PM seating) and here is our first dinner photos:



Dinner turned out to be one (of a hundred) of Teresa’s best times of the day because we shared a table with a Mother (Marie) and her two daughters, Precious 10, and Taylor 4.  Precious and Teresa talked throughout dinner and by the end had become friends.  Here’s Teresa with her new friend:


You would think the evening was over when it’s almost 10 PM after dinner, but no, Teresa and Misu had to go to Studio Sea for some Karaoke.  Here is Teresa going full blast with “You Belong With Me”:


Needless to say it was Misu and Gagu’s opinion she was the best singer of the evening.

Now I want to turn it over to my guest blogger:


Yesterday, May 2nd, for my first cruise I had a great day aboard the Disney Wonder. We took a lot of pictures and my favorite part was meeting my new friend Precious. I met her in dinner and we talked for a long time. After dinner, we went to karaoke night and I sang “ you belong to me” by Taylor Swift. I was kind of nervous. Tonight, I’m going to do karaoke night tonight again. Check in tonight for what I did May 3rd.


Well that’s it “kids”.  Until our ventures at Key West, our first port, on Fri. May 3rd,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. We are so glad you three are having fun!! :-). We had a great trip to Holland!! 🙂

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