Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 15, 2013

26. Caribbean – Brazil – Home

Hi All,


Yes, this is the night before the end of the cruise.  All bags going ashore out in the hall by 12 midnight.  This is the night when you are both happy and sad.  Happy because tomorrow your going to be seeing your family and friends at home and sleeping in your own bed for the first time in 49 days.  Sad because tonight you have to say goodbye to your ship board friends and especially the crew who have taken care of you for the cruise, your cabin stewards, your waiters, your wine steward, and all the rest throughout the ship. 

To end my posts on this cruise I am not going to take you on a tour of the Maasdam as I usually do, mainly because this is our third cruise aboard her and you have seen her twice before.  No, what I would like to do is give you a “Kaleidoscope” of photos from the last 49 days.

First I talked about our waiters and wine steward. Here is Herde and Mary Fey our head waiter (in costume) and wine steward:


The piano bar player “Stryker” (the one in the back sitting on the piano) became our good friend.  Here he is as yours truly (Susy is hidden behind me) and our friends enjoy him one evening:


A costume ball in the big theater:


Susy with our best drinking buddy, Wendell (from several cruises):


An “Asado” (cook out) next to the main swimming pool:


A local folklore group on the main theater stage:


A Carnival party on the back swimming pool deck:


No photo gallery would be complete without showing Susy and my last photos compared to the first.  Susy’s first Jan. 18, 2013:


One of Susy’s last, March 1, 2013:


Yours truly first, Jan. 18, 2014:


One of my last, March 1, 2013:


You don’t notice my extra 10 lbs. brought about by Susy making me drink and eat excessively (ha, ha).  It isn’t fair because she stays the same!!

Well, that’s the cruise.  It was really one of our best.  The last few days when we got sick dampened it a bit, but we’ve completely recovered and seeing Gigi, Dirk, and the grandchildren has got our spirits back to normal.  From the Caribbean Islands to the beautiful Brazilian villages and cities, from cruising the Amazon to sailing the Brazilian Atlantic coast, this cruise will not be forgotten by us.  In a few days I’m going to make an additional post which has to do with my cruising in general. One last thing, I finally awoke to a fact I had not thought about before.  Susy and I covered (traveled) 12,518 miles in 49 days.  This was our 22 cruise.  Sure many were much shorter, but can you imagine how many miles we have traveled?

I want to thank you all for following my posts.  Please forgive the grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and English in general.  I just hope you enjoy reading about our travels as much as we do living them.  I want to especially thank Leonor and Marcelo for their comments from time to time.  Even though I didn’t address them directly, I read every word and appreciate every comment.

Let me close with some of my favorite photos of cruising on this trip:

DSC03374 Stitch



Until our next cruise, this is what it’s all about:


Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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