Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 4, 2013

24. Caribbean – Brazil – Roseau, Dominica

Hi All,

Our second Caribbean island, Dominica, is as different as night and day from Barbados.  Were as Barbados is rather flat, Dominica is very mountainous.  In fact, Dominica has some of the highest elevations in the Caribbean.  The island is 29 miles long and 15 miles wide and is a 290 square mile nature retreat.  The people are very different from the Barbados inhabitants.  Even though both islands are independent and are British Commonwealth Nations, Barbados is very English, while Dominica is very French-Creole.  The Dominica people speak some English, but they have their own Creole language that is spoken among themselves.  Let’s look at the island’s history.  The name, “Dominica” came from Christopher Columbus who in 1493 sighted the island on a Sunday (Dominica).  In the 17th and 18th centuries the island was controlled by the French and English.  The English had control last when in 1978 the island became fully independent.  It’s very obvious that the French influence dominates the island even though it is British, especially in the language.  Roseau, our port today, Monday, Mar. 4th, is the capital of Dominica.

The mountains, with some active and in-active volcanoes is a sportsman’s paradise.  The island has 365 rivers running through it, and waterfalls abound.  It has the second largest boiling lake in the world.  Also around the island are some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world.

Today’s “Susy and Gary” activities included walking around the port of Roseau.  Take a look at the port from the ship with mountains everywhere you looked in the background.


If you look carefully along the waterfront there is open air market, which attracted my traveling companion immediately.  Let’s start with the ship’s port sign and two great port signs:




Here’s a look down the coast from the pier:


As we left the pier where do you think my traveling companion went first?


A look down the main street along the pier:


As we walked around the town we encountered an old church:


The President of Dominica’s home:


A look at one of the streets:


Now to important things, we spotted this bar, which is part of an old fort:


In we went and on a hot, Caribbean day, there is nothing better than a cold one.


One strange thing about this bar was the “Spice Shop”.  Notice the sign over the door:


“Hum”, why can’t we take photos of Spice’s, unless there not Spice’s?  While we’re here in the bar, take a close look at the beer we drank.  It’s Dominica’s best:


Lastly we’ll step outside and take one last look at a street and a building:



That’s it for Roseau, Dominica.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, Mar. 5th, we stop at Philipsburg, St. Maarten, our last Caribbean island before we head home.  Yes, that’s right, we arrive in Ft. Lauderdale, this Friday, Mar. 8th.  The Captain said today we have travelled 11,255 miles since leaving Ft. Lauderdale on Jan. 18th. It seems like we left only yesterday.  Time flies when your having fun.   Well, until St. Maarten;

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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