Posted by: Gary Guertin | March 3, 2013

23. Caribbean – Brazil – Bridgetown, Barbados

Hi All,

Today, Sunday, Mar. 3rd, we stopped at the first of three Caribbean ports, Bridgetown, Barbados.  Barbados is the easternmost of the Caribbean Islands, although a British island since 1627, it was discovered by the Portuguese in 1536.  It was a British colony until on Nov. 30, 1986, it peacefully chose independence, but is still a British Commonwealth nation.  Sugar cane and rum are the main exports of this island of 166 sq. miles. Bridgetown is the capital and major city.

Let’s take a look at Bridgetown from the ship:


Susy and I decided that since it was a Sunday and everything was closed we would just take a stroll into the center of the town (about 1 mile) and return.  At this point in the cruise we have put on enough weight (me more than Susy, of coarse) that all the exercise we can get helps. First the ships port sign:


and a land port sign:


The walk into town took us along a beautiful promenade beside the ocean:


As we approached the center of town the buildings became more colorful.


What color is this building?


The main church in town center, St. Mary’s:


A look at the main downtown area:


This is a beautiful dark grey office building:


An all blue building:


and pink:


Barbados was known as the home port for many pirates and the lore continues today.


Susy got caught out of character (or was she?):


After we walked back to the port, having covered 2+ miles in 87 degree heat, we were ready for a cold one.  We both had a Banks, which is the Barbados beer, and was it good.



That’s it for Barbados, it’s on tomorrow to Roseau, Dominica, a completely different kind of Caribbean island.  Until then;

Love You All,

Gary (Gagu)


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