Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 25, 2013

19. Caribbean – Brazil – Valeria

Hi All,

Your going to love this one.  Today, Saturday, Feb. 23rd, we anchored off the Amazon village of Valeria.  This a typical village of the region with 75 inhabitants.  We were told before hand that we should bring a lot of one dollar bills because the people, especially the children, will have many things/situations we will want to take pictures of and they expect we will tip them a dollar or euro.  Susy and I were skeptical because it was a tender port, but we decided to go anyway.  This was not only the smallest port we have visited, but became one of the most interesting.  Again, I will be limited by the number of photos I can show you, but let’s give it a go.  First the port sign:


Here’s a far off shot of the village.  You couldn’t see it from the ship, the tenders had to go down a narrow channel and stop at a small wooden dock.  You can just see the tender on the far right.


OK, we landed and stood in ah.  First let’s look at the houses.


None of the buildings had windows and all were on stilts (up high) due to the Amazon River’s flooding.


Notice the one hint of civilization in the photo above.  Right in the middle is a satellite dish. No Brazilian is going to miss his football (soccer) games.  How about this house,


or this colorful one:


Let’s look at the local school.


Going inside we found that this one room school was for all the children of the village.  They had two teachers and the children attended school four hours a day.  See what they had written on the blackboard:


and a look at the chair/desks stacked against the wall:


Needless to say Susy gave them a donation before leaving.  Next the village church:


Don’t worry, Susy went inside and prayed for all of us.


Now I know your asking, how about those dollars.  Here’s what Susy gave them out for:





I thought the money was wasted, except for the last one. (ha, ha).

As if this day wasn’t complete enough with what we saw, Susy found out that near the village were some beautiful Lilly Pads.  So she makes a deal with a local fellow to take us out in his motor boat (that’s a laugh as you will see) for ten dollars to see the Lilly Pads.  Out we went and they were beautiful.



Take a look at the two explorers, going out in the wilds of the Amazon.



Doesn’t Susy look like she’s in seventh heaven.  Well, that completes the day and what a day it was.  I can tell you that Susy loved every minute of it, and for a city girl that’s saying something.  It was so interesting to actually see how these people live.  We tendered back to the ship and pulled up a cold one to discuss our venture in the wilds, What a day!!

Now on to Manaus tomorrow for two days.  Should be another adventure.  Until then;

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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