Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 19, 2013

17. Caribbean – Brazil – Fortaleza

Hi All,

Fortaleza is a city of contrast from other Brazilian large cities.  It is located on the Atlantic ocean and features some of the world’s most spectacular beaches (nothing different from other Brazilian cities on the Atlantic), but there the similarity ends.  It is the capital of the state of Ceara, and although the coast is beautiful, just inland starts the Brazilian arid interior plains region.  This area is known for its drought, sometimes years passing without a drop of rain.  Because of this history it has been one of the nation’s least developed states.  This has been changing slowly and today Fortaleza has over 3.5 million people.  Roads are being paved into the interior, and high rise hotels and condo’s have blotted out the old city.  A 17th Century Dutch stronghold for which the city was named no longer stands.

Looking at the city skyline from the ship it seems the residences are trying to bunch up their high rises as close to the ocean as they can get them.


Because the old town is gone and Fortaleza now is a city of skyscrapers, with only a few tourist sites to see (spread out all over the city) Susy and I decided just to take a shuttle bus down to the city center and return to the ship. Here are the port signs:



There is really nothing to show you except skyscrapers and streets.  There are some unique and beautiful buildings so let’s look at a few:




It wasn’t all skyscrapers, here is an old building:


some old stores and a lot of street graffiti:


an outdoor market:


and the beautiful beaches which were everywhere:


and one last look at the skyscrapers.  Notice how they are packed together, we had never seen skyscrapers packed together this close.


That covers Fortaleza.  Now we pass over the equator and Thursday, Feb. 21st we start sailing up the Amazon River.  This, next to the Rio Carnival, should be the highlight of our cruise.  Looking forward to sharing it with you.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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