Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 17, 2013

15. Caribbean – Brazil – Buzios

Hi All,

Our first stop (Wednesday, Feb. 13th) after Rio was “Armacao Dos Buzios” or more commonly known as Buzios.  Buzios is a small resort town located on a peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean, 105 miles northeast of Rio de Janerio.  It was a quiet tourist destination until 1964 when Brigitte Bardot arrived.  It seems Brigitte went to vacation in Rio with her Brazilian boyfriend at the time.  The paparazzi where so bad that she couldn’t move around, so they concocted a plan to keep the press away and escaped to Buzios with one photographer who was allowed to document their vacation.  Needless to say the little resort town became very popular and today is a vacation paradise with water sports, 20 beaches, and unique shops for daytime play and a very active nightlife with plentiful nightclubs and restaurants.

Let’s visit Buzios, first the port signs:



This is a look at the village as we rode a tender into the port pier.


This village reeks “relax and enjoy yourself” as you walk down the pier toward land and look either direction at the beach and shops.



When you reach the end of the pier you come to the streets of the village. They are all old stone, and with so little traffic most people walked in them rather than on the sidewalks.  Oh, here we find Susy trying to figure out where to go:


It didn’t take long for us, walking along the shops that were on the beach, to find a restaurant.  It was a beautiful, hot day, so look what Susy found:


I, on the other hand, was checking out the beach traffic (love those dogs):


or just those sunning themselves:


Back on the streets here’s a look down a few of them:



and I couldn’t stop here without saying hello to Bridget:


Susy and I both agreed this was one of those places in the world, which if we were younger, we would love to spent weeks here relaxing.  It is so quiet and peaceful you just want to wander around and if I haven’t said it before, “relax”.  It has been rated high up on our vacation spots list.  It’s now on to Salvador Friday, Feb. 15th.  Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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