Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 9, 2013

13. Caribbean – Brazil – Ilhabela

Hi All,

Today, Saturday, Feb. 9th, we anchored off the beautiful island of Ilhabela (island of beauty).  Ilhabela is also know as the “Ilha do Sao Sebastiao”.  This is the biggest island along the Brazilian coastline (130 sq. miles).  It was first explored by Americo Vespucio on 20 Jan. 1502.  It has been under Portuguese/Brazilian control ever since. It has volcanic origins which cause steeply rising peaks, covered by dense tropical jungle.  It’s beauty is now protected because 85% of the island has been made a state park.

Let’s take a look at this little piece of Paradise from afar.

DSC03374 Stitch

It’s a tender port, so the Maasdam was sitting out in the “Canal de Sao Sebastiao”, a body of water between Ilhabela and the coast of Brazil.  Sao Sebastiao is the closest town on the coast.  Susy didn’t join me today as she was resting on the ship getting ready for Rio.  I ventured out on the tender to the village of Ilhabela (Vila Ilhabela).  Here’s the port signs:



Here we are pulling up to the pier.


The pier ends right at the beginning of the village’s main street, a lovely pedestrian only street, with nice air conditioned shops, and outdoor cafes all along the way.


A home right off the main street:


As I toured the small village I came across the local church “Igreja Nossa Senhora Da Ajuda” which was built in 1532 by the slaves.


Inside the church, a simple but beautiful altar.


Going back to the main street level we see a huge crucifix.


The little village had its park:


Its stately buildings:


and like every village, town, and city in Brazil, a street down which the local samba schools will dance the next few days away until Ash Wednesday (Feb. 13th).


That’s it for this small village on a large and beautiful island.  It’s no wonder many Paulistas (people from Sao Paulo) come here for rest and fun.  One last look down main street:


Tomorrow Rio.  As we reach the midpoint of our cruise you will be interested to know we have traveled 5796 miles, yes that’s five thousand seven hundred ninety six miles.  It seems like only yesterday since we left Ft. Lauderdale.  Time really flies when your having fun.

I want to end this post by wishing my lovely granddaughter, Teresa, the Happiest Birthday tomorrow, Feb. 10th., and I send her many, many hugs and kisses.   I’m going to try and get this out by tomorrow.

Love Teresa and You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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