Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 8, 2013

11. Caribbean – Brazil – Maceio

Hi All,

As the last post was probably one of my longest, this one covering Maceio will be one of my shortest.  Maceio sits just south of Recife and is another beautiful city of about 900,000 inhabitants, capital of the tiny Alagoas State.  Alagoas’s draw is over 150 miles of pristine beaches, the world’s second largest coral reef, and natural pools making it a divers’ paradise.  It originally became important as a port for exporting Brazil’s tropical hard wood.  As the coastal forest was cleared it turned into another important port for exporting sugar cane, tobacco, coconut, leather, and spices.

Today, Tuesday, Feb. 5th, Susy and I decided to stay close to the ship, first because of the long distance to the various sites of Maceio, and second and most importantly, the heat got up to about 90 degrees.  For that reason I’ll show you the panoramic view of the port:

DSC03274 Stitch

the ships port sign:


Susy and I walked down to the small port terminal and got these photos:


This is an photo of the overall city:


Here’s the small “air-conditioned” terminal:


and of coarse my beautiful traveling companion is right in the middle:


That’s it for Maceio, and it’s another day at sea before our next port on Thursday, Feb. 7th, Vitoria.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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