Posted by: Gary Guertin | January 30, 2013

7. Caribbean – Brazil – Tobago

Hi All,

It’s Monday, Jan. 28th and we have stopped at Scarborough, Tobago, the little island of the T&T islands.  Tobago has only about 51,000 inhabitants, about one third of them (17,000) living in Scarborough.  I covered the history in the Trinidad post (6.), so let’s go directly to the few photos I took.

First a panoramic view of the port:

DSC02947 Stitch

Then a look to our right:


A close look at the port terminal:


Our ship’s port sign:


I was on my own in Tobago.  Susy wanted to rest and since the port is really small, she passed on going ashore today.  More welcome signs at the port terminal and on the left a singer and steel-drum band.


I headed out for the only close attraction, the local Botanic Gardens.  Here’s one look at the main street:


A couple of shots of the Botanic Gardens:





On the way back, a last look down the main street:


As usual Susy was the smart one.  It is really hot and there wasn’t much to see.  We now have a sea day before our next port, which is Devil’s Island on Wed. Jan. 30th.  Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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