Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 2, 2012

17. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Argostoli, Greece

Hi All,

Today, Sunday, Oct. 21st, we visit our second Greek port, Argostoli.  This island is completely different from our other ports in that the buildings are all new.  In 1953 it experienced a large earthquake, so large that all the buildings that didn’t fall down were torn down.  Some structures were rebuilt exactly as they had been before the quake, but in general buildings were rebuilt in the modern style.  The port of Argostoli is located on the west coast of the island of Cephalonia and is the capital of Kefalonia, Greece.

I haven’t done a panoramic this trip, so here’s the first:

DSC01540 Stitch (2)

A port sign I found downtown:


Have to show you a picture of this yacht tied up near the NA:


That is the Mustique from George Town in case any of you know the owner (ha, ha).  Susy and I decided to walk up the promenade to the main town square and as soon as we got there we found a wonderful watering hole called “La Gondola”:


On the way we encountered this little train, so as soon as we had our cool beer we headed out for a tour of the town:


Teresa and Nicholas would have had a ball going around on this tour, Susy (alias Misu) did.  Here’s some shots from the tour:





At the end of the tour, the family that owned the train talked to us, and one of the daughters took this picture of Susy and me:


Of course before returning to the ship, Susy had to do some jewelry shopping:


That does it for Argostoli.  Now we turn tomorrow to the third and last Greek port, Santorini.  Until then:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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