Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 1, 2012

16. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Kerkira (Corfu), Greece

Hi All,

Today, Saturday, Oct. 20th, we visit the first of the Greek islands, Corfu.  Corfu is the second largest of the Greek Islands in the Ionian Sea.  It lies north-west of the Greek mainland.  It is known as “castle city” because of two prominent castles that border the town.  Another UNES-CO World Heritage Site, the old town has colorful narrow cobble-stone streets (what town we have visited doesn’t?).

As we entered the port terminal I came across this mural of the town:


Fortified walls on the way to the old town:


As we entered the old town, here is one of the main streets:


You want narrow cobble stone streets:


a stately building, probably one of the town’s:


a Plaza:


a narrow side street:


Sidewalk Café’s and shops everywhere:


We found a Greek Orthodox Church going down one of the side streets:


Take a look at the inside:


and the ceiling:


We found some beautiful churches.  Here’s the inside of another one:


We’re back to almost where we started, if you look at that first street picture you will see it was taken from the other end of the street that this next picture is taken.  The building along the right houses one café after another.  The waiters cross the street to your left where the open air café seating, under awnings, is located.  It was a weekend and the locals were all out with their families. On the other side of these cafes is a beautiful park.


You might ask were the castles are if this is a city of castles.  They were there, believe me, we just didn’t go to them, but I did get a photo of one on the way back to the ship:


It’s always good to see the ship at the end of the day, so I’ll leave you for today with a look at the Nieuw Amsterdam and we’ll pick up next in the port of Argostoli, Greece.


Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Well… after giving a lot of thoughts about what to comment (or not) on this wonderful blog i only came to one question. That is “WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME ON MY B-DAY???? ” 😉

    Love, love, love…

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