Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 31, 2012

15. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hi All,

P.S. As I post this I’m in Cadiz, and I have to throw in a few comments.  First I will try now to post every day because after tomorrow when we pull away from Lisbon, the internet service may not work well, if at all.  If you don’t get posts for one reason or another, you’ll know it’s the service, so I’ll catch you all up when we get home Nov. 11th.  Second, I must point out a comment from Marcelo about our driver’s comment to Susy, that if she looked so good at that age it had to be because she had a good husband.  Marcelo says, “and you look pretty good yourself, is that because you have a good wife?”  The answer Marcelo is Yes, I have a wonderful wife, but let’s don’t tell Susy otherwise she’ll come back with that every time I comment she looks good because of a good husband. Ha, Ha,.  On with the post:

Today, Friday, Oct. 19th is going to be fun.  Our first port of call after Venice is Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Dubrovnik was founded in the the 7th Century by the Romans.  It has been a major port since that time, and has been overrun by the usual Croatian occupiers, until today when it has become a major port and tourist city for Croatia.

FLASH BACK:  Susy, Gigi, and I visited Dubrovnik on April 2, 1985, when we were on an Easter cruise with Costa.  Digging into my bag of memories I thought you would be interested in these photos:

  1985 Cruise 29 Mar 85  (49)

Notice the bus sign says “Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia”.

1985 Cruise 29 Mar 85  (50)

and in case you wondered what the three of us looked like then, here’s our formal night photo:

1985 Cruise 29 Mar 85  (14)

FLASH FORWARD:  Since Susy and I had been to Dubrovnik before we decided to take a shuttle bus direct to the old fortified town, which is really the most beautiful part.  First we have our port sign:


Then a look at the fortified walls from the bus:


Then once inside a look down the main street (similar to 1985):


A look at the Church just inside the walls and the stairway up to the top of the wall (similar to 1985):


Susy in front of a dome which you will also recognize in the 1985 photos:


A side street view, a large church in the middle of the main street, and Susy’s favorite place, a market off the main street:




As usual we eventually saw enough and decided to stop for a beer.  While sitting in this sidewalk café I want to show off my new camera.  First the building beside us from afar with its statues along the roof:


Now look at the statue on the right up close:


Finally let’s end the day with a look at Susy enjoying her beer before we head back to the bus:


Dubrovnik was much more crowded then when we were here last, especially since it’s out of season.  It’s still a beautiful port to visit.  It’s onward to Corfu, Greece, our next port of call tomorrow.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. I visited Dubrovnik in early January 1985 on a school ski trip to Sarajevo. SInce there was not enough snow to ski we decided to take a side trip. Well worth it! I visited Corfu in 1990 and did want to ever leave!

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