Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 25, 2012

12. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Istria Peninsula – Pula

Hi All,

P.S.: I’m going to PS this post up front.  We’re in Naples as I go to post this.  I am trying to give you a post about every other day so I don’t get you behind and you miss a post.  I want to thank all of you who have left comments, especially Leonor and Marcelo.  Hope your enjoying the trip as much as Susy and I.  Love You All.

It’s Sunday, Oct. 14th and our destination is Pula, but not to see the town.  Even though it is one of the largest towns/city in the Istrian Peninsula (more than 70,000 people) we only had one objective in going there: to see the Roman Amphitheater.  Here is a view of the Amphitheater from up above:


If it looks like a well preserved Amphitheater, it is, being the sixth largest Roman Amphitheater in the world, and one of the best preserved.  In it’s glory years, it held 23,000 spectators and had about 20 entrances. During Roman times gladiators and animals used it’s maze of underground corridors.  During the 15th Century some of the stone was taken to build a near-by castle, but was later restored to it’s present condition. Today it is an active Amphitheater holding 5,000 spectators and hosting concerts ranging from Opera to Rock.

Susy and I arrived in the early afternoon and got a parking space right in front since it was Sunday and not a lot of tourist were around.  Here’s looking at the front entrance from the street:


The main floor is 222 ft. by 135 ft..  As you walk in we’ll look left:


straight ahead where the seats are located:


and right:


Just a little to the left of the entrance was the passage to the underground corridors:



The rooms that held the animal cages were now exhibition halls with artifacts from the Roman times found in the area of the Amphitheater.  Here are a few:


All kinds of water, wine, and olive oil bottles from that time:




and just like the movies, an old oxen cart from the Roman times:


Another exit corridor:


We left the amphitheater and took one last look from outside:


That’s it for touring the Istrian Peninsula.  I’ll cover our last few days in the next post, so until then,

Love You All,

Gary (Gagu)


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