Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 24, 2012

11. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Istria Peninsula – Porec

Hi All,

It’s Saturday, Oct. 13th and today we decided we would stay in the area of our hotel and visit Porec.  Porec turned out to be an almost exact copy of Rovinj or vice versa.  It was on a bay, with an island in the middle of the bay, and the old town was on a peninsula.  Probably the only difference was that the Porec peninsula was rather flat, so we didn’t have to climb up to get to main church/square.  Porec was a Roman town and the two main streets are still called Decumanus and Cardo as in Roman times.

Here’s a look at a map of the town:


The island is called St. Nicholas, and here is a view from the marina:


Looking at the map (with North at the top), we’re going to walk across the south side of the peninsula, heading west toward the tip, on a wide promenade with stores and sidewalk café’s. As we neared the tip, let’s look back east along the promenade:


As we got nearer to the tip, the view with the coast line to the north in front:


When we reached the tip we started back east through the streets towards the center of the peninsular:


We came upon a small square near the Basilica of Euphrasius, which is a 6th century church.  In the square we talked with the merchants who said it was a shame that they started charging admission to see the inside of the Basilica.  Respecting the local’s and Susy’s hang-up about paying to go into a church, we walked on.  Here’s the square:


The Basilica is in front of us:


An old gate from medieval times:


We then walked over to Decumanus Street which is the main east – west street of old Porec.  Here’s a look up and down that street and down a side street:




Have to show you a photo of a store which sold Venetian Carnival Masks:


We finally arrived back at the start of the Peninsula and a large square with the church of St. Francis (12th to 14th century) at the back:


One last look at the Adriatic Sea as we come to the close of another day:


Well that’s it for Porec.  We have one more trip to take which we hope to get in tomorrow; Pula.  See you then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Gary:
    ¡Qué interesantes datos y qué emocionante para ustedes, en especial para Susy! Realmente parece mentira que pudieran obtener tantos datos y conocer una rama de la familia de Susy. Muchos besos para los dos,

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