Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 21, 2012

9. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Istria Peninsula–Rovinj

Hi All,

On Thursday, Oct. 11th we headed south to the port town of Rovinj.  The town was built by the Romans and at the time it was an island, later, in 1763, joined to the mainland.  Today it is a tourist center of about 13,000 people.  We found a nice hotel just down the coast from the town center, parked our car, and begin our walking tour.  Here’s a photo of Red Island which is all the green and is in the Bay of Rovinj, and Rovinj (you can just see the Cathedral off to the right), with it’s Marina in front of us on the right:


As we walked along we came to the Marina and got our first good look at the Cathedral of St. Euphemia:


You say the Cathedral is not very clear. OK, through the magic of technology, and my new camera’s lens, let’s take a closer look:


Que Tal (How’s That)?  We have now walked around the Bay, past the Marina, and started out the peninsula which, on it’s highest point, sets the Cathedral. As you step into the old town the streets and buildings make you feel like going back to the medieval times.  By the way, that is not only Rovinj, but all of the old districts of these Croatian towns.   Looking down the main street toward the Cathedral:


Side streets or alleys lead down to the water:


About half way out the peninsula you come into a big square:


This is the last point vehicles can enter the town.  From here on we start into the old, old, part of town, entering through Balbi’s Arch (1680), an ancient city gate:


The street (main) begins to narrow and we start to climb up and up:


The street is lined with vendors, all the way from art to expensive jewelry.  Every once in awhile there is a small square with it’s typical sidewalk café’s.  Here’s one of the narrow side streets up here:


As we near the top and the Cathedral, the incline gets steeper and we begin to run in to steps:


We finally reached the top and the Cathedral of St. Euphemia.  The saint is buried in a Roman sarcophagus in the right aisle of the church and a copper statue of him sits atop the 200 foot tower.  Here’s the front and interior of the church:




and before we started down, look at the view of the other side of Red Island and the Adriatic Sea from the front of the church:


Now you would think that two young chicks like ourselves would be ready to hike all the way back to our car, well think again.  We got down to the Plaza were vehicles could pass and called a taxi to take us to our car.  Take a look at Susy waiting for the Taxi:


Does she look beat or what?  Now yours truly was ready to go, but you have to move at the speed of the elderly, so I followed her into the taxi.  We got home without incident and chalked up a wonderful, if not exhausting day in the Istrian Peninsula.

See you tomorrow on our next adventure,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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