Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 13, 2012

5. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Budapest – Day 2

Hi All,

We have two stops on our second and last day in Budapest.  Having become experts in riding the subway on Day 1, we rode in to the “hop-on, hop-off” bus stop #14 and took the bus around to stop #8, the New York Café.

Your not going to believe this find in Budapest.  The “New York Palace” or New York Café as it is better known was built and opened Oct. 23, 1894, and immediately named “the most beautiful café in the world”.  It quickly became the social center of Budapest’s famous artists, aristocrats, etc. etc..  Opera’s and other works were written while the authors passed their time in its beautiful atmosphere.  In the 1930’s, due to the economic times, it’s doors were closed and it was then known as the most beautiful warehouse in the world.  It finally reopened in 1954 and was completely restored to it’s original state in 2006.

Feast your eyes, the entrance to the café:


As you enter the main floor above and go down this main room, you see off to your right another large room, one floor below:


This is a view from the balcony at the other end:


Everything is made of marble, bronze, silk, or velvet.  If you are in ah, as we were, now look up at one of the ceilings:


Can you believe the beauty?  Now take a look at the New York Hotel Lobby which is beside the Café and occupies the rest of the Palace:


Standing in that lobby and looking up, this is the view:


Needless to say Susy and I had one of the longest lunches of our lives in this magnificent place.

OK, we finished lunch and hopped back on the bus to go to our second and last stop in Budapest, the Castle/Palace on the hill in Buda, bus stop #11.  They explained to us that the Palace was the main building, while all the surrounding area was the Castle. Here’s a shot of the Castle/Palace from across the Danube:


By the way, remember that if you want to see a photo larger or up close, just double click on it and it will open into a window of it’s own.  Once it’s in its own window you can right click on it and you will get a menu so that you can print it or save it on your own computer.

Going on with our tour I want to show you another photo of Buda, next to the Castle/Palace is a large group of churches:


In touring you find that for every great place you find, you will be disappointed by another.  The Castle/Palace turned out to be our disappointment for the day.  After leaving the bus we walked over to the front of the Palace.  Here’s a look at the front up close:


What we found is that the Croatian’s had gutted the Palace and turned it into a Museum and Art Gallery, so we didn’t even go inside.

This ends our tour of Budapest, but to keep you up to date on your travelers we took these last photos at the end of the day:



We leave Budapest and Hungary tomorrow, Oct. 7th for the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Until then:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. Gary, ¡que hermosas fotos!! y qué buenos tus comentarios. Les mando muchos besos para los dos,

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