Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 11, 2012

4. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Budapest – Day 1

Hi All,

Budapest, one of the major East European cities on the Danube, and home of Franz Liszt, is our next stop.  Susy and I drove to Budapest on Thursday, Oct. 4th and GPS (we now consider a third person traveling with us and interrupting our conversation all the time with; “turn right, turn left in 1 kilometer, etc. etc.) took us right to our hotel.  More on GPS later.  Since it was almost dinner time we decided to call it an early night and on Friday, Oct. 5th started out on our first full day in the city.  Budapest, like most major cities has it’s “hop-on, hop-off” system of buses and boats especially for the tourist.  The best way for me to show you Budapest is to first show you a map of the city, then you can follow Susy and me as we tour:


On this map the red numbers (1-14) are bus stops.  The blue numbers (1-3) on the Danube are boat stops.  Budapest is in reality two cities, Buda, which is to the left on our map and is where the Castle/Palace is located (we’ll see later) high above the city, and Pest which is to the right on our map and is the commercial side of the Danube.  We had two days in Budapest, so the plan was to see the overall city the first day and return to the most interesting parts on day two.

So let’s get touring; we walked down from our hotel, (which is at the very top of the map, in the middle, on the Danube, where you see a “D”), to the “hop-on, hop-off” bus stop #14 (a long 45 minute walk). The buses were the double decker type and we were fortunate to get seats on the upper deck.  Here are some of the street scenes as we went along:


They had many vehicle free, pedestrian only, wide streets, like the one above.  At stop #4 we see the Budapest Opera House:


German Headquarters during WWII and now a museum dedicated to Cardinal Mindszenty at stop #5:


At stop #6 we see the largest Plaza in Budapest:


As we leave stop #6 head along the plaza/park and then back toward the Danube I shot many street scenes like this:


or this:



We reach the Danube and cross over to Buda.  As I said Buda is the high ground of Budapest.  You will see why I don’t show you a lot of photos of Buda now, but here’s one looking down the Danube from the Citadel which is stop #12:


Is the blue Danube blue?   From here we jumped off at stop # 13, just back in Pest, and decided to look for a place to have a late lunch.  Well, as usual, we fell into it.  Near the stop was the longest famous pedestrian street in Budapest, Vaci street.  Look at a shot down this wonderful street:


After resting for a while, we were right near Boat stop (blue) #1, so we headed out for a boat ride on the Danube.  Looking at the Buda side, first came the Castle District with the Palace in front (this is red stop #11 on the map):


Looking to the Pest side, by far the most spectacular view is the Hungarian Houses of Parliament:


Believe it not, by late afternoon we had toured the entire city by bus, sailed up and down the Danube by boat, and found ourselves back on Vaci street, to relax before we headed back to the hotel.  Susy is seen enjoying the Vaci traffic:


That’s it for Day 1 in Budapest.  Stay tuned in to see the places we decided to visit on Day 2.  Oh, if you wondered how we got home, I took this photo of Susy as she held on for dear life in the subway.


Until tomorrow,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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