Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 5, 2012

2. Croatia/Med./Ft. Laud. Air/Cruise – Zagreb – Day 1

Hi All,

Believe it or not we made it to Zagreb.  Now to confuse you I’m writing this post in Budapest, but that’s a story to come later.  First I have to start with the flight over from Miami to Zagreb.  You all know how much Susy and I love to fly (I’m kidding of coarse).  We arrived at Miami airport with plenty of time and upon checking in the “nice” Lufthansa Cuban counter lady asked us to please let her weight our carry on bags.  Susy’s bag weighed 15 kilos and mine weighed 17 kilos.  She happily informed us that there was an 8 kilo limit on all carry on items, so all we had to do is lighten one into the other (both were fully packed), and check the other at a small extra cost of $100.00.  OK, we adopted, paid our fine and got on the plane.  Nine hours later we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, having slept a few hours, and started out for our connecting flight on Croatia Airlines.  After walking about a mile with our hand luggage (Susy’s hand luggage and a sack with some stuff) within the customs area we came upon another search before getting to our gate.  So again, it was off with the shoes and belt, out with the laptop, etc., etc..  OK, we said, that’s it,, but guess what, upon reaching the Croatia Airlines gate the “nice” lady said, that they had small planes and therefore we had to check Susy’s hand luggage bag, but at no charge (weren’t we relived).  We arrived in Zagreb finally and were shocked that all our luggage showed up.  We were both ready for a glass of wine when we got to the hotel and swore we would never fly again unless it was an emergency.

OK, having arrived in Zagreb about 11:30 AM and being two young kids, we checked into the hotel (The Regent Esplanade):


dropped our bags, and took off for the center of the city which was a 10 or 15 minute walk.  Here is a few street views as we walked toward the city center:



Susy’s not to bad after a long flight as we make the main center of the city:



We visited the large tourist center on the edge of this square and got all our tourist maps, etc. and during the conversation with the guides Susy found out the National Theater was giving the ballet “Don Quixote” that very night.  It was getting on toward evening so we jumped on one of those trams you see above and road over to the National Theater.  It was our lucky day, maybe because of our “unlucky” flight, because we got two tickets, third row center.  By the way, the weather was great, in the high sixties, cloudy, so across from the theater we found some street cafes, and while waiting for the performance had a late lunch.  How’s this for a view from our table:


The theater inside was beautiful, a smaller version of the Colon:



The ballet was good, but not exceptional.  As it neared ten o’clock we started walking back to the hotel, but first stopped in a good local restaurant to have our first decent dinner in two days.  As is our custom at every dinner, we took each others photos and I’ll show you our first and last nights photos only so you can see the difference these trips make on us. Here’s the first  night’s:



OK, that ends the first day in Zagreb.  I’ll cover the second day, Oct. 3rd, in the next blog.  One thing about this period from now until we get on the ship, Oct. 17, I have no idea when I’ll have time to write and when I’ll be able to get on the internet, so bear with me and we’ll get through all of it.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. What’s wrong with you two???? Flying is fun! ;o))

    • During your flying days, no doubt, but today??????????

  2. You always look great. Probably you will look greater at the end of the trip. Thais saw the picture and said that you are “fofos”. I know it is Portuguese, but I don’t know the best translation. You know what it means! Enjoy the trip!

  3. Dear Gary, que aventuras que están viviendo. Los veo hermosos a los dos. Muchos besos, Leo

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