Posted by: Gary Guertin | December 2, 2011

22. Atlantic/N. Africa/W. Med. Cruise – Port #19, Lisbon, Portugal–Day 2

Today I’m posting 19,20,21, & 22. Please read in sequence

Hi All,

Day 2 in Lisbon found us rushing to get the second tour to the center and west where the older part of the city is located.  I guess I’ll have to explain that the majority of Lisbon was destroyed in 1775 by a major earthquake. The old Alfama District which I showed yesterday was not damaged because of its hard rock foundations, but the rest of the city which was to the west was destroyed.  This part of the city was rebuilt from 1775 onward, so it’s not old in the sense of years, but old being the part of the city which was settled first.  The east or new part of Lisbon which we saw yesterday has been built up in recent years and is the new growth part of the city.

I’m just going to show you photos of our tour to give you a feel for this part of the city as we started from the train station:


Opera House:


Moorish looking building:


Many statues in round-a bouts:


Old building:


In the north part of the city is a set of monuments which fronts a long green garden going down toward the river:



Looks like an old palace which today is the main prison:


Old museum:


Old buildings on a street:


Old church:


The huge Jeronimo’s Monastery:


another cathedral:


Many river side parks:


I have to stop a minute and explain two of the famous landmarks of Lisbon.  The first is the “Ponte 25 de April”.  This is a suspension bridge which crosses the Tagus River and as I have said is often compared to the “Golden Gate Bridge” in San Francisco.  The other is the Christ the King Statue which is across the river on a hill behind the bridge and is compared to the statue over Rio.  I couldn’t get a good photo of the two, so I’ll just show this poor photo with a section of the bridge and the statue way off in the background:


At the end of the tour we ended up in the center of the city in a big plaza on the river:


We’ll leave Lisbon with Susy at her hobby waiting for the bus back to the ship:


Oh, and to show that day is never over on a cruise, this is Susy and I that evening with our friends, Ron and Barb, the girls dressed as Arab women (I only wish):


That’s Lisbon; it’s now on to Funchal, Madeira Islands, (Portugal), our last European port.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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