Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 22, 2011

13. Atlantic/N. Africa/W. Med. Cruise – Port #11 Civitavecchia, Italy (Port for Rome)

Hi All,


That’s right we reached the halfway point of our cruise.  Time flies when your having fun.

Civitavecchia is located just 45 miles west of Rome and has been the major port of the region since before human history was first recorded.  During the Roman era, the harbor was known as “centumcellae” (100 warehouses), a rather impressive facility for the era.

Let’s get right to Rome, how about these pictures of the inside of the Coliseum:

1984 Cruise 13 Apr  84 (77)

1984 Cruise 13 Apr  84 (76)

Oh, Oh, you caught me, these pictures were taken on the 21 of April, 1984 on one of our Easter cruises out of Spain.  Gigi looks ready to go, but Susy looks as if she’s had it.

The truth is, on this cruise, Susy and I opted to stay in Civitavecchia and walk around the port rather than take the hour and a half train ride into Rome, then back, when you didn’t know how reliable the Italian railway system was.  We’d seen Rome back in 1984 and Susy spent 5 days there with Silva about the same time.

Here’s a view of the port:

IMG_3978 Stitch

Had to use the ships port sign:


How about this good looking lady I met on the cruise:


We had to take a shuttle bus to the port entrance where they dropped us off behind an old fort:


We popped into the first museum we encountered and, of coarse, were back to the Roman times:


The port town has some Roman column buildings, clean streets, and an old church:




That’s about it for this port.  We were able to catch up on our emails, using instead of a MacDonald’s Wi-Fi a Subway one (American enterprise everywhere).

On to Sorrento and one of the most enjoyable days of our cruise (another one).

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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